Concerning Cardigans

When knitting a cardigan, is it best to pickup the button bands and neckbands separately, and if so, which is knitted up first- the button or neck band? Or can they be picked up and knitted around in one contiuous piece, and if so, how to handle the "corners" where the button bands would meet the neck band? Thanks, guys.


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Elizabeth Zimmermann outlines how to do this in a couple of her books. You would start at the lower left hand corner and pick up two stitches for every three. Mark the corner stitches at the top. Increase one stitch each side of the corner stitches every other round. If you are doing it in garter stitch, you would purl the corner stitch on the wrong side so that you have a nice line of stocking stitch to mark the corner. You could do it seed stitch, ribbing or whatever. My favourite is to knit the band in stocking stitch, purl a row, and knit the same number of rows and then tack down. It seems to give extra body to the bands. All of the above need an increase stitch eash side of the corner stitches every other row. I also often knit a high neckband of about 6 to 8 inches in k2p2 and then pick up stitches for the button band starting at the bottom and and going to the top of this high collar. As EZ"s daughter Meg would say, "Knitter's choice." All part of the designing fun.

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Ron, Do you mean after knitting this high neck band, you bind it off or put the stitches on hold and then pick up at the bottom of the sweater, knit across the neck band and then continue on down to the other side, or knit the two front bands separately, picking up the stitches along the sides of the high collar?

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The second - I do the bands separately.

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Normally if I see buttonbands and neckline as separate pieces, they've been Pickup and knit the button bands, then pickup and knit the neckline. I guess it all depends on the look you want the constuction to have. I don't believe there is an incorrect way. You are the designer. There is no such thing as a knitting Police. Will it just be a neckline? will it have a fold-over collar? Sorry for the long-winded "no-answer-answer".

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Hi. This totally depends on the line you wish to create and whether or not your cardigan will have a collar or not. I tend to like shawl collars for the warmth and I like the look. I also prefer to have the entire button band/collar knit at the same time. You can use short rows to shape the collar. There are LOTS of different methods.
I would be happy to help you in any way I am able. Please feel free to call me since I think describing these things can be accomplished easier via voice than typing. I will PM you will my phone number.