LTKA Square 2

A little early this week, maybe a license to be late next week lol! This is another Square for the Learn To knit Afghan from Barbara G. Walker. This time is Stockinette, stripped stockinette. Stockinette behaves different that garter stitch and it is great for sweaters and socks or things done on the round. Stockinette turns to curl and no matter what you do it will keep on curling. What is there to learn here? You learn how stockinette behaves and misbehaves and how great is to make stripes. Next week is a single color block , but one that I have used before in some projects. I thought that displaying all the squares with the same background would give you something familiar to look at every week. Thanks for stopping by!


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I appreciate how you stick with things, andy... it's nice to be able to look forward to your afghan blocks on here! :O)



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I'm looking forward to seeing all your squares. I keep looking at the book on Amazon and umming and arrring about buying it.
Thanks for posting your finished work.

I wish I had the time to do this with you. I am enjoying seeing the progress Andy.