First post!

So, basically, I want to go about knitting a cardigan for myself. I can picture the whole thing in my head but

I can't find a knitting pattern or anything to suit what I'm looking for, not even one to adapt or anything so I'm just going to go ahead and make it all up as I go along.
The only things I've knitted before are scarves, ties, pillow cases etc. so this might be a little too adventurous for me but I'm willing to give it a shot and see how it goes. I don't want any fancy patterns or anything just a simple cardigan.
I suppose all I can do is start knitting and see how it goes. I felt it was necessary to post this before I set off in case I was committing some sort of cardinal sin of knitting or something.


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I saw this striped cardigan posted somewhere recently...was it here?...can't remember, but you could certainly do it without the stripes for a standard v-neck man's cardigan.

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There is only one sin in knitting: Thou Shalt Not Use Crappy Yarn.

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I thought it was more like "Oh it's no problem I'll be able to get more of that color anywhere", but then I'm just a beginner.

Oh yes I've fallen into that trap in the past... Never again!!!

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I'm planning a cardigan for my next project (it will be my first), and I'm just going to jump in and let the yarn fly where it may.

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YOu can think of the cardigan as a bunch of scarves of different lengths put together, very modular!

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Being that I adapt most any pattern to fit me, I swear by Ann Budd's "Knitters Book of Handy Patterns."

A great online tool is Knitting Fool Pattern Generator which will give you a basic sweater pattern by entering you measurements and stitches per inch from a gauge swatch. So you must swatch for it to work.

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Great idea.
By making it up as you go, you'll get a lot of good training in garment design and construction, and you will also probably get opportunities to learn from screwups.
The one thing that I can see that's very different about cardigans than scarves is that *GAUGE MATTERS*. To make it fit correctly you need to really know how many stitches you get to an inch, and how many rows you get to an inch. And if yours change over time as mine do, then you need to know that too.
Good luck!

Oh thank you all so very much!
This is exactly the type of guidance I'm looking for. Unfortunately, I went ahead and tried it anyway... yikes! It's ok though I'm learning from experience and if it's any consolation I think I got the measurements ok. Anyway I'll just try it again but this time I'll follow one of the suggested patterns! (With a grateful nod to those who've suggested)
Thanks again!