Easter Chicks

Two little chicks with eggs knitted for my brother and sister for Easter. An alternative to chocolate!!


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How cute! Is there a pattern available?

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They are so adorable. What a wonderful gift.

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How cute!!! and, a great gift idea!!

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Yes, they are so cute... but do they still get chocolate?

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Adorable. Nice job bud. And a great gift from the heart with a lot of thought. Something people forget to do on holidays anymore. It's nice to see that the commercialism of the holidays hasn't hit everyone. Thanks to you and everyone on this site who help remind me that not everyone is out to out do each other on getting the biggest, most expensive present when it comes to gifty holidays. Again, awesome job on the chicks.

Cute! They are lucky to receive such gifts...

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Here is a link to the pattern on Alan Dart's website