Well, this is my first post.....

This is my first post. I've been around for quite a while, but always afraid to post anything. I made this for my friend's baby. I made one for my daughter, but when I bring it to her to put on she just screams at the top of her lungs!!!!


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Don, you did a wonderful job. It is my favourite knit. A nice choice of colours.

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This is stunning Don. I was in my LYS a few days ago and a woman brought in her rendition of this pattern. Her's was well done........but didn't inspire me to have a go at it. Yours has wonderful things happening with the colours and I feel a project comign on! Thanks so much for posting it. - Phil

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Beautiful. So beautiful! Done in the very simple garter stitch and the angles of the body and sleeves yarn direction lines up great. Love the colours, too! The softening beige with a quiet hue of blue and in the middle of all that a dash of white to accent here and there. Great job!

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Just wonderful, why ever did you hesitate to post, you did a wonderful job and I hope we see a lot more of your work. I wouldn't worry to much about your daughter, babies do that so I am told (smile)

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Yes, never be afraid to talk to us. We all start somewhere (both in blogging and knitting,) believe me my first posts were full of terrible knitted items as I learned how to do things. The sweater is very nice, and looks fun to make, but hopefully I won't have to make one anytime soon (I don't have a GF at the moment, and I really, really don't need a kid.)

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Nice job, what a lucky baby. I love the "V" pattern on the front and the buttons are perfect color for the rest. It is really beautiful.

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Beautiful design, beautiful buttons! (what do babies know, anyway?)

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Very nice. The colors and buttons go great together. I'll never have babies but am glad that I can still knit these as gifts. I'm seriously considering the adult version for myself, adding a hood. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

That is beautiful. You inspire me to make one...but I have no one to knit it for though.....

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Do one for charity.


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Very nice!

I do love Elizabeth Zimmermann patterns.

The colours go very well together, too...and I like the striping. You have a good eye.

...and welcome, welcome!


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I've got babies on the way (not mine, thank God) and I've looked at this pattern before and I love what you've done with it. What age/size baby is it for? Can you size it for newborns?

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Yea... the size of the BSJ is based on your gauge. Just use think yarn and smaller needles.

(As a parent, though, I'd suggest if you're going for a size maybe shoot for the 6-12 month range. Parents tend to get a lot of newborn stuff at baby showers and, although our daughter stayed in newborn sizes for about 9 months, some kids are only there for a month or two!)

Just my $.02 :-)

Grace and peace,

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You sure?- you've had a certain "glow" about you lately.