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So, inspired by the previous post, and a long running curiousity about felting, I decided to order the pattern for the felted clogs. So I log into Fiber Trends, and place my order. What? 7-10 days to receive it? Have they not heard of .PDFs?! AND I have to pay $3.99 shipping for, what? 3 pieces of paper?! Aargh..... well, in the meantime, guess I'll start on something else. Aargh!


hmmmm, I was going to order it too. But maybe I will hold off based on the principle of it --- 7-10 days and 3.99 shipping?

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Good thing you don't live in Canada. I was charged 12.95 for shipping and handling and the postage on the envelope was 2.51. Yikes! I want a job that pays me ten bucks to stuff a sheet in an envelope and write an address on it.

I am weak. I ordered one but I gotta say...they seem to have a market on it cause I could not find any free patterns.

Lion's Brand had it for 4.95 and 4.10 shipping.

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Did you guys check with your LYS? We have several stores here in Western New York that all carry Fiber Trend patterns. So no 7-10 days or pricey shiping and handling costs.

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I looked on Ravelry and found two similar slipper patterns within the first two pages. Granted, one was in German but I think we have a few members that could translate. Could be more...I just stopped after two.

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Agreed. I just emailed Ron at Fiber Trends and suggested that they make their patterns available in downloadable pdf format. Will let you know how he responds.

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I recently bought a beret pattern of of Ravelrey that was a PDF download but because PayPal comes out of my checking account I still had to wait a week to get the pattern. But 3.99 for mailing a letter really takes the cake.

Some places mark up their shipping to make an extra buck or two; but, I'm probably belaboring the obvious. So... I'll just add... outrageous! I was thinking about getting the pattern based on everyone's recommendation. But, now... and BTW I think it's admirable that no one has even suggested just copying and giving out the pattern. I personally believe in paying the piper his dues.


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Have any of you sent stuff through the mail lately? Postage keeps going up, and up, and up....

I used to be able to ship out one of my CD's to someone for under a buck, postage and packageing combined (less then two years ago) . Now it costs me well over $2.

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You know, I've got a little different slant of this matter. Just about everytime I'm faced with saving or collecting something via the pdf format, and I've done plenty of that, I always ask myself if I want the pdf or hard copy. Hehe...maybe I should see a 'shrink', or something, but I almost feel cheated settling for the pdf and not getting the hard copy. As far as the postage, well, yes, they've got you there. I know I ordered a used book through a small bookseller on Amazon, and I got the book for half price of what it sells for retail, and the book was in very good condition. But, half of the half price that I paid was shipping. Shipping and postage has always been a bugger.

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I purchased it a while back at a LYS and it was about $6.00, so it looks like they're gonna stick it to you either way. I have made many pairs of these and have to say that once they're on your feet you'll forget all about the things that conspired before. They're a dream to wear, and not too hard to knit, but make sure you're in a quiet place when you make your first one. There's a lot of counting involved with the short row shaping.

It's been over four years since I've knit a pair. I think I may pull out the old hardcopy pattern and make some for Christmas.

Can't wait to see your finished clogs.