I am a new member here.

Hi everyone. I am a new member here, but not new to knitting. My mother taught me to knit and crochet 32 years ago. I worked on projects off and on during all those years. One of those is still in the making after all these years, believe it or not!!!
Most recently, in the last 3 years, I have been involved in a Prayer Shawl ministry in church. I am the only guy in the group, but they're happy that I contribute what I can in time and talent.
It may take a while to get the hang of doing all this blog stuff. I may post an album of my finished work when I figure out how to do that, but for now I will try to attach a single photo of the Lily of the Valley shawl as it looked when it was blocked on the hallway floor. :-)

Happy knitting. jim.


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Wow, that is gorgeous! I love the pale pink. Where did you find the pattern? And welcome to MWK, I can already tell you will be great to have around.

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Most of my shawl patterns come from fiddlesticks knitting, online.

At the home page, click on the tab for patterns. I have already completed the following:

Flirty Ruffles
Lily of the Valley
Peacock Feathers shawl
Triple Mohair

I have the patterns for Garden shawl and Tina shawl, but haven't started on them yet.

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Thanks for the info, I know what I'll be doing tonight.

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Looks great! I love that you blocked it on the floor in you hall! Haha! I don't really have a system yet for blocking...I must admit I've skipped that step for the most part. Good thing small projects often don't need it.

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Good! Chalk up another one knitting on the "dark side"

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Fie upon you, Dark Prince!

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Beautiful work! What kind of yarn do you work with?

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Hi Albert. Thanks for the compliment.

I use thin wool/silk.

50% merino wool / 50% mulberry silk
50 grams = 500 metres


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Welcome, We are so glad to have you here. What a beautiful shawl. It must have taken quite a while to do. Looking forward to seeing more projects.


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Hello Jim,

Welcome to MWK.
The shawl is absolutely gorgeous!! colour and patterning.

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Welcome to the group. Bless our mothers for sharing their knowledge with us.

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Welcome to the Men Who Knit group, watch out for that Mmario guy, he's an enabler where lace knitting is concerned ::grin::

Beautiful work on the shawl. It looks amazing! Look forward to seeing more of your work.

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Take a look at some of the shawls he's posted. I think the enabling may go in the other direction this time....

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Welcome to MWK looking forward to seeing more of your work. The shawl is just beautiful!


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Welcome welcome, another lace knitter, I think we all have a bit of lace knitting in us just fighting to get out. The shawl is stunning, I do a lot of lace knitting myself but have never been able to master the "Lily of the Valley" pattern. I have tried may ways of doing the k1 yo's but they are either sloppy or to tight . My hat off to you, what a beautiful job!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Great knitting. So nice and even. Welcome to the group. I love the fact that we are all over the globe but have the common thread of yarn and needles to bind us together. It's a great way to get inspiration, help with projects, and get to know others. Look forward to seeing more of your works. The Prayer Shawl group I'm most aware of just does a plain pattern. Maybe I should suggest they branch out. I've not joined them but did have two other ladies begin competing for me: "We offer lunch." ... "We supply yarn." ... etc. Only problem is that I forget which two churches they were from. LOL --Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Welcome to MWK.

Your lacework is beautiful, what an inspiration.