LTKA Square 3

The Basket weave Square from the Barbara Walker book is a very interesting square and one of the most beautiful textures. I like Basket weave a lot and I find it to be very lovely in this cotton yarn. I am hreally enjoy this Square by Square excercise. I have made 3 Afghans in Crochet that hAve 63 different Squares each and I can tell you that the experience taught me a lot about how I crochet and about crochet and it's possibilities and potential. This Afghan shall do the same in Knitting, as it will take me through a journey of how I knit and how to play with texture, color and stitches. Thanks for stopping by!


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The basket weave is really appealing- starts to give me ideas. Keep 'em coming Andy!

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Beautiful square, I love the stitch pattern.



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I've done several projects in basketweave. It is fun to do and I get lots of compliments about how it looks from the folks who receive the final piece. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I think it is an all time favourite of most people. It really sets off colour well. Great knitting, Andy.

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I haven't had a look at her book yet, and I've seen a lot of the knitting books on the shelves at B & N, but with this afghan, are you pretty much choosing your own colours for this? That could be a lot of fun all by itself. Hmm...great job!

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They do have a color sugestion, but I have a lot of cotton yarn to work with so I will be playing around with colors! Wait till I show you next weeks Square which I am working on right now it is very nice color, something Buck would like!