I loves mitts.

Here's the deal. My landlady has a job that has her trudging around in miserable weather trying to mess with a darned GPS. At the end of the day, I hear of her woes, and I says to her, I says, "What you need is some knitted stuff." This set was the result, combining the pattern from Clara Parkes' Maine Morning Mitts with Shepherd Worsted yarn. These mitts found me telling people as I knit them, "What you really need is a pair of fingerless mitts."

I guess you could say I'm fond of these babies. So quick, so instant, so hand-y, so comfy...who cares if I'm a little redundant? Or if the smallest things give me the biggest thrills? I think part of my elation comes from the fact that I purchased this yarn on a whim, simply because it delighted me--but then I couldn't find a project in which to use it. Till now. And I couldn't be more pleased...I just need to find another project for the remaining yarn because I'm not ready to put it down yet.

Sometime soon, I'll get back to knitting little soap sachets to use as sensory items at the nursing home. I'm using scrap yarn to revel in little, unique items that look, feel, and smell wonderful. I hope I'm not the only person who thinks so in the end.


chipsir's picture

I think your efforts are wonderful and it shows what is in your heart!!!!!

YarnGuy716's picture

Fingerless mitts are an awesome instant gratification project. They look great and I'm sure will be greatly appreciated.

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I love this...you're like the dealer for fingerless mitts..."hey...pssst...what you need, is a nice warm pair of handknitted fingerless mitts...I got a pair for you right here."

It's so satisfying to find a great yarn and then find something to knit with it...thanks for showing us these.

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Beautifully made, the color is gorgeous. I'm sure you brightened her day.