Happy Thursday.

Hi guys. Tonight was knit night at my LYS. Had great time as usual. I really like going to knit night. It's like therapy for me. I can get so caught up in work, especially this time of year, and have no personal life at all from March to October. Knit night allows me to maintain a social circle of good friends and laugh, cuss and just be vulgar with. I fell it keeps me sane.

I took and Amigurumi class from Natalie and wow. She is such a good teacher. I had it figured out within the first five minutes. I have to say I did have one of those knits where everything I touched turned to yarn pasta and I haven't picked it back up to finish it, but I will someday. I am making a Monkey and her design is so cute. :) Love ya Nats.

I am working on a pair of felted boots right now, the pattern is called Big Snuggs (can't remember by who right now, but if you want to know ask and I will find out for you). This pattern is so interesting so far. It is nothing like Clogs or sock yet, but it has my interest and I can't wait until I am done.

I am off to soak in the hot tub now, but I hope the ones who read this far along have a great day and may all your knitting fit.

p.s. I just signed onto Twitter.com. I am not sure what I will do with this but if you are interest or if you twitter add me and I will add ya back. batsignal2000 is my twitter name and I used my 1984 big hair pick from high school. :) It's good for a laugh.


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now that was a refreshing read first thing in the morning. I do admire a guy who enjoy's his knitting, Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thanks for the well wishes. I love the sunset profile pic.


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Thanks for the great post! On QueerJoe's old Yahoo!group, we used to have a monthly reminder - "What are you working on?" that I miss. A great way to take stock of current projects and learn what other guys were doing. Of course, with the blogs here, that becomes obsolete. Still, MWK is my knitting night...I can have all the fun and not have to worry about finding a group to sit in with. It's right here. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I know what you mean- MWK allows me to be social without being "social"- great for a recluse like me.

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We have a local coffee shop that hosts a knitting group. We also have a group a work that gets together to "bitch n' stitch"... love them both. So relaxing and so sane! Glad you are enjoying your "outlets"!

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Thanks for the Big Snuggs tip. I found them on Ravelry. I'm rarely an impulse shopper, but Pick Up Sticks has moved into the 21st century. I just ordered my pdf copy of the Big Snuggs pattern. No muss. No fuss. No waiting!


As promised, the pdf pattern was emailed to me within 24 hours. I've studied the pattern and think I can knit it flat and seam it up the back, at least I hope I can. It'll be felted, so shouldn't be noticable.