toe up increases

So I am starting (practicing) my first pair of toe up socks (I have done cuff down already). I am having problems with the increases. All of the advice I have gotten has me picking up the bar/stitch between stitches to make the increase. I can't seem to do this. I can't clearly see the bar and I don't know what to pick up. And when I do get something it comes out really, really tight.
Are there any other increases I can use? I need two, one left and one right.


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Here's a great page showing a lot of different left and right increases...with video showing you how to do each:

Try out a bunch of them on scrap yarn and see which you like best...if you're into that kind of anaylsis.

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If you've got access to a local yarn store or a more experienced knitter, take your sock to them and ask them to explain the lifted bar increase or whatever it's real name is. It's not difficult, but unless you've had it explained to you in person, it can be hard to understand. Once you've had it explained, you'll probably get it immediately and be fine from then on.
Good luck.

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I usually use the "backwards loop" increase (it's easy and I think it looks nice). Sometimes, I use the one Stan mentioned. Another option is "A very nearly invisible increase"

The techknitting blog is a great one with INCREDIBLY useful diagrams...

Grace and peace,

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Thank for posting this knitting blog Tim! Lots of useful information with GREAT illustrations!

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Whenever I need any visual help, I always go to I think they have the best (and correct) instructions around.

When I do the increases, I prefer to use the stitch below. The lifted bar works well in some situations, but I find it makes that little purl bump for me, no matter which way I do it, and I find it bothersome on stocking stitch fabric. It would work well on garter stitch. The stitch below makes a perfect unobtrusive stitch and I've used them quite frequently. It is easy to do the right or left increase as required without any confusion as to which one to use. ymmv