Latest Pair Of Socks

I had some Bartlett's "Natural" that just kept screaming at me to be balled from the skein and then knit.

Apparently, it wanted to become socks.

So, using Elizabeth Zimmermann's "Moccasin Socks" pattern as a guide, I decided to make them my own.

The green wool that makes the bottoms is an 80-20 hybrid of wool to nylon -- and the very name of it is called "Yarn For Sox" -- made specifically strong. So, since I still had quite a bit of that laying about, I might as well have used it.

I really like them -- yes, indeed, they're for ME! I haven't knit for m'self in so long, and so, these were just for me. I like the way they turned out, however, I think I prefer keeping the cuffs turned up and worn around my calves, they're warm and comfortable, and seem to hold around much better than regular ribbing.

Turned down, they look like the legwarmers of the '80s and it would make me think I should be in a large empty room on the floor pivoting on my butt kicking my legs furiously in the air in front of three strangers to the tune of "What A Feeling" !


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Oh yes!!!! Nice and toasty, I too prefer the cuff up and the green really does make them look like moccasins. I like these a lot.

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What a great looking pair of socks. They look really warm. I love the color.


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I like 'em! I've always thought I'd like a thicker sock for times when I'm wearing hiker boots. I'm glad to see some wonderful style in a thicker sock instead of the simple ribbing. Those are great!

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Lovely, I'm about to start my first pair of socks this week. Fortunately I have a master of socks online to advise me, Joe-Wyoming is helping me... I'm pretty excited about it, I like to be able to wear what I make... well I hope the socks will fit fine...
I love your socks, they look very warm and comfortable. Don't modern machine made socks look so boring!
Istanbul, Turkey


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They do so much, don't they?

I don't spend my money on them -- haven't for quite a few years. The store-bought, machine-made socks that I do have are given to me by someone else.

They're nice and warm (and here in Maine, even in the Summer, sometimes, you need nice and warm, and especially dry socks) and yes, they're also very comfortable.

Wool is a very interesting thing: keeps the feet nice and warm in the cold, but also, nice and dry and cool in the heat.

Good luck on your first pair! It's always a good feeling after you've turned your first heel!


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Very cool socks! They look so comfy and warm.



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Really nice socks, Robert. I've never tried "Moccasin Socks". Somehow, the photos in EZ's books never tweaked my interest. However, your pair looks quite handsome and show off the overall profile, etc. so I get a better visual of them. (I'm a very visual learner/processer of information.) If I ever get caught up with all the projects, I may have to try a pair after all. --- BTW, spare me my blushes over Dave's kind comments. I guess my humility is showing...that's the second batch of kind words I've received today about my knitting advice. Still, a big "THANK YOU, Dave." for the remarks. I truly do appreciate them. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Great socks. What happy feet.

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Tee hee. I gotta agree with you about the "leg warmers" flashback! Great way of putting it...