Knitting, Busing, Knitting, and more Pics

Friday night I went to Third Friday in town...the artsy stores stay open till about 9, and offer free snacks and music, etc. I haven't been to one, and had heard of a harpist playing somewhere, so I determined to kill some time by strolling. What good that was! I stumbled upon a person who knits, and was heading to a hard-to-find knitting circle. Hence, I got to spend about an hour or so knitting with real live people...even though I was the only male, I found the ladies to be a rather high-spirited bunch. Between that and listening to the harp and eating some great food and a free set of rumballs, I had a pretty nice time.

Then yesterday I took a trip up to the zoo. Sounds easy enough until you realize I'm getting there without a car to help me, and I live almost an hour's normal drive away. So, thanks to 3 buses and a train, I got there fine. And thanks to those same three vehicles times two, I finally got back on track with my second sock of my first pair.

The weather was lovely, and after a rather boring stroll through the zoo, I found the yarn store to be a nice bit of solace (not to mention rest for me feet!) Yarnies can be such nice company...they don't feel the need to go anywhere fast, and they tend to tell good stories. The only problem is that they sometimes get the wheels turning about new projects and yarns, and...well...when there's gorgeous yarn all around at the moment...

Let's just say my color palette right now is heavy on the peacock side...vivid blues and greens, with bits of bright purple. I walked out with a very exciting bunch of these colors, over and over again. This morning I got a chance to take some photos, so I hope you'll enjoy them.

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Scarf is beautiful and I love the last hank of yarn in the greens and beiges. The picture of you wearing the scarf is quite nice as well.

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Gorgeous colors.


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Thank you a very entertaining read, your colour choices are great

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Thanks, all! Glad you like.

BTW, I didn't know how to include this in the blog, so I'll put it here for the adolescent-minded lovers of odd facts (such as myself):
If I had spelled the title of the blog "bussing," it could have meant something totally different. Look it up under "buss" if you don't know. You'll never look at roadsigns the same way again. At least I don't.

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Your scarf is gorgeous, I also like your color choices for the yarns, beautiful.