Sweater waist band

The sweater I'm currently working on doesn't have ribbing at the waist or cuffs, but rather garter stitch bands that are picked up and worked after the body panels and sleeves are finished.  The pattern calls for knitting the bands on each piece before sewing them together, but I'm tempted to wait until I've assembled the sweater and then pick up the stitches and knit them in the round, thus avoiding seams in the waist band and cuffs.  I've never made a sweater this way, but it seems that it would be quite easy to add the bands at the very end.  Does anyone know of any reason why I shouldn't do this?


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I really like a garter stitch border on anything.  It would be much easier to do it flat because to knit garter stitch in the round you would have to knit one row and then purl one row.  This would defeat the purpose of knitting in the round to avoid purling.  In any case garter stitch is very easy to seam almost invisibly if you always slip the first stitch.

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What ronhuber said is true, working in the round means that to
get a garter stitch band you will have to work alternate knit and
purl rows. Whether this matters depends on how you feel about
purling. People who knit "continental" style (supply yarn in
the left hand) usually will do anything to avoid the purl, which
is slower and cumbersome; but if you are a wrapper rather than
a picker, it may not bother you much. I would probably do it the
way you propose. Certainly either way will produce a perfectly
serviceable result.