Never too Early to Start my Christmas Presents

I decided to knit up some stockings so that for Christmas my friends would receive a stocking with their stocking stuffers.

I found this pattern in the free pattern website. The link is I increased the pattern to two times the size, and I added K2/P2 Ribbing to the top. The finished stocking is about 10" long. I also added little ornaments at the top and purled a christmas tree in the body of the stocking. It's a two needle stocking with the heel done with short rows. It knits up super fast and requires about 150gm for the main color. I have been working through my left over yarn from last years scarves.
I think they will be fun Christmas presents.


albert's picture

Very creative- I love the non-traditional colors and the subtle purled Chistmas tree. Nice work!

chipsir's picture

What a neat idea.....I love it!!!

Thomasknits's picture

What a novel idea. I think I'll try to start my christmas presents early this year. (Think it'll actually happen?) Cute stockings though.


murfpapa's picture

Oooooh, these look nice and not too complicated! I was going to make the huggable hedgehogs for the bosses and dept heads at work but with these I can do the whole office. (Ok, I can dream doing that many...we have like 90 employees). Thanks ever so big for the pattern link.

crmartin's picture

Those are great, what a thoughtful gift they will make.



sonics's picture

they are lovely and its never too early is it really since it comes so fast.