Blocking. YIKES!

Okay Boyz,

Am ready to block a bunch of projects... 2 scarfs, a neck warmer and a shawl...

Never having "blocked" before, I thought I would ask the experts.






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You'll probably get all kinds of recommendations, but what I do is to soak the piece in a sink of cool water, GENTLY squeeze the water out but do not wring it out. Lay the item on a towel or two and roll it up, then press down (or stand) on the towel to let more water out of the piece.

Then, on a different towel, lay the piece out flat. If it's supposed to be a certain measurement, this is when you make sure it's at that size. Let it sit for a day or two until it dries.

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I agree with Michael - I block the same way.
Also - did you two happen to notice that Bruce is an actor with broadway credits and Michael is a producer? Just thought I would point that out. ; )

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I block items on interlocking blocking tiles (purchased from Knitpicks) and a million stainless steel T-pins. I Actually bought two sets of the blocking tiles to accommodate larger and/or longer projects. I soak the article to be blocked for 10 minutes in a no rinse soap, drain the tub, and transfer the item to a nylon mesh bag and use the washing machine set to the spin cycle to extract the retained water. From the washer to the blocking tiles where the item is stretched out gently to the size I want and pinned into place where it dries for a day or two. The tiles make blocking so much easier than pinning items to a bed, carpeting, or frame. It you have a shawl to block you will need dozens of T-pins, a tape measure, and patience. I have a set of blocking wires but I wouldn't recommend buying them. I like the tape measure and T-pins method.

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I like to wet-block my scarves after washing (as described below) and for lacier items I like steam. You pin out your piece and then apply steam, and as long as it is a natural fiber I steam rather heavily. I have one of those fancy Scuncii steamers I use.

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I'm not sure how I'd feel about pinning out and steaming my piece- but then I've never been into that kinky stuff.

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Just like a new flavor if icecream, you should try it. You might be surprised at how much you liked it. ;)

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Blocking is really easy and it's like magic. I block like Michael and there is nothing to it. You won't believe the transformation of your pieces after blocking.

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Another option is to see whether any of the shops in your area could recommend a cleaners who blocks? I've never used them, but I'm told that the one family-owned shop in our town does an exceptional job steam blocking at a reasonable price....

Grace and peace,

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All good will pick a bit out of each suggestion and come up with your own blocking method...don't think I would try blocking what Albert was thinking of but maybe there is an advantage there that I don't know about lol. One thing for certain is once you have blocked your work you will continue to do so, especially lace!!!!!!