Back from Vegas... and an update...

Hey All-
Brad (ksmarguy) and I made it back from Vegas safe and sound.

Had a great time, and really enjoyed the shopping, especially the yarn shopping! If you guys are in the Vegas area, you really should go to Las Vegas Knits in Henderson- the Ladies were great and the selection awesome!

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Glad you had a good time. The yarn shop looks great and I definitely will go there on my next visit to Vegas. You are a great looking couple and appear to be very happy together. Do you both knit or is one the happy recipient of the other's works ?

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Nope, both of us are knitters, which is great because that makes us each happy recipients of the other's works. The LYS was great, we had such a great time there.

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Sometimes hard to match of 3d names with screen names.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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I feel like an old auntie!

You guys look so cute....and so happy.
And I feel like you met at our place whilst having tea and knitting :-)
Your pic is a lovely way to begin the week. Thanks for sharing it.

- Phil

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Thanks for the tip, I'm going to Vegas in June and will keep it in mind. By the way, I never thought two guys could make buying yarn look so romantic! You guys look so happy and make a great couple. Good luck and enjoy the yarn!

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Glad your trip was a happy and successful one, you certainly look well happy!!!!!! How did the glogs go lol.

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So glad you guys had a good time, you look so happy together. Are you going to post more pics from your trip?



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Just to add an update....
Last night we booked a trip for me to visit Kansas in June.... 62 days and counting! I can't wait!!!