Calling All Designers

Okay, to say I have a partner with quirks is a bit of an understatement, but Lord knows I love him and will do what I can to make him happy. That being said, I have been working on an afghan for him because he doesn't like the one I made him for his birthday last year.

I have been charged with creating something that is basically big enough to go from his neck down around his feet. He likes to take the bottom and wrap it all around to keep his tootsies nice and toasty. I'm almost to the feet part and have been thinking of ways to make the afghan "envelope" his feet and have a couple of ideas; the first one being to make a couple of gussets. My thought is to knit a flap in the center (very much like the heel flap of a sock), then pick up and knit the stitches and decrease every other row. Once all the gusset stitches have been decreased, finish the afghan after about 6 or 7 inches past the foot pouch.

My other idea was to do short row shaping where I would wrap and turn one less than the previous row to make a shape that's tapered on both sides until I had enough rows to cover his feet, then I would knit and pick up the wrapped stitches one at a time until all of them were knitted. Then I would resume knitting as established in the pattern and finish off after 6 or 7 inches past the foot pouch.

It will make for a very unusual looking blanket, but as long as it makes my man happy, I don't care how bazaar is looks. Anyone got a preference, or another idea that may function better? I haven't made up my mind just yet, but I am getting close to the point where I need to have an idea of which way I'm going. Thanks for the help.


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Why not just fold and stitch the whole end of the blanket, making a pouch all the way across? That way he doesn't have to aim his feet a a "sweet spot". Also, the blanket will not look strange, as you suggest.

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When you get to the "foot part" you could change to knitting in the round and make a giant sock toe....

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Making a paior of matching socks lol!, I will make it long enough that's about it. FIrst I would make sure I know what he did not like, the color the stitch, the material then proceed to show him stuff. You can make a big afghan out of any stitch, it's a matter of what does he want and what are youwilling to make.

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I love the idea of a foot pouch. Mom made simple pieced (machine sewn) lap quilts several years ago with a foot pouch the doubles as an "evelope" to hold the folded quilt. Very clever design and keeps my feet nice and toasty. Lucky boyfriend will really enjoy it!

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Many years ago there was a short "pillowghan" craze that hit the machine knit world and that is what you are describing. There are lots of crochet pillowghan patterns on the net, some knit, and obviously pieced/quilted also. Basically, the afghan part only has to be easily folded into a square or rectangle so that it will slip into the "pillow case" that is attached. As Wayne was describing his project I was thinking of the same thing. Funny that, 2 Lincolnites (present and former) thinking the same LOL.

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LOL. Well maybe the "pillowghan" craze only stormed through Nebraska and then peetered out...

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Lots of good ideas here. I think it would be interesting to try them all. I guess a lot would depend upon what you were willing to go through to make it work. Also, Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitter's Almanac has a double knit baby sacque in could double knit a section, bind off part of the stitches and then finish the main afghan part. Lots of luck. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Wow. Quite the project! Good luck with it and let us know how its coming along.