Baby Uggs Booties

I finished the Baby Uggs Booties that I have been working on. There are a quick knit, really, but I did the Second Sock using the wrong size needles so it became the first sock of the second set! This is a free pattern off DIYnetwork from Knitty Gritty. I used US Size 4 & US Size 5 needles and Berroco "Suede" and "Plush" for the yarns. All in all, pretty darn cute.


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Those are really cute!

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Very nice indeed, theylook like they are made of leather suede!

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They look like the sheepskin jackets that were so popular in the 70's.

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downloading pattern today! I have friends who have that look in their eye. Probably gives me not more than a few before someone makes an announcement and I'll be wanting boots to give. Thanks for sharing this!

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psst... there is a matching hat pattern on Ravelry!

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Lol, got the booties pattern but couldn't find the hat pattern??????????????? Opps! Just found it

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I just looked at the pattern and it has no row 10?
It goes from row 9 to row 11. Is that right?

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I made the same oversight... note where it reads, "Row 2, 4, 6, 8, 10: knit (when you reach the yf knit in the back of the stitch).

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OMG...those are adorable!

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I love them. They are so adorable.

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Wow, so cute:) Yours look better than the ones on the show!

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What a nice job, and the color is perfect. I want a pair in size 11 and felted. Guess I'll do some research and keep it on the list for a stretch project for next winter.