Lock Nest Hat

My knitting buddy, Beth, found this fun and funky pattern for the Lock Nest Hat by designer Teri Barr in Interweave Felt magazine (Special Issue 2007) and has already knit up two for herself. They are so fun! They were originally designed so that the wearer could pull their dreadlocks up and out of the top of the hat. (I tried with my pony tail and it looks way too funky to publish a photo!!)

I knit this up using US Size 10 needles and a little more than 3 balls (50 grams = 55 yds) of Di.Ve' slubby single ply wool in colorway #25847. Then I felted the living daylights ou of it!

The hat is then worn with the purl side out. The "tube" at the top is begging for embellishments... but I have not yet decided what to do. Batman was sitting in there earlier! It can be worn standing straight up (as shown) or can be cuffed down for another look.

It's just a fun hat and is a really quick knit.

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I think I saw you in Shogun!

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We want a photo of the hat with the upper cuff and ponytail. (I'm sure it would be very "whoville"!)

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Wow. That's a sweet hat!