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My partner and I decided to send our show puppy to the Poodle Club of America show in Maryland this week. Well, we got a call this morning that she placed second in her puppy class. She beat out 30+ poodles. It's a pretty big deal if they place in the top four. Jeff is totally excited. He'll be in a good mood tonight after work.



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WOW! Congratulations!

Grace and Peace,

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MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Wow...that's awesome for such a big Specialty show. She is stunning, so it's no surprise.

Glad you get the benefits of a happy partner...if I wrote "lucky bitch" would you know who I was writing about?

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Yes...and on both counts.

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That is wonderful news, my partner.... no best rephrase that, my boyfriend is blind and is at the school for the blind being trained with a seeing eye dog ....... it is a standard poodle and has really earned my respect for his (the poodle) ability and cleverness his name is Cargo he is white and a real sweetie, it will be difficult to remember he is a working dog and not a pet......wonder how my Westie will get on with the poodle....could mean no more dating lol.

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Please tell Trudy all of her surrogate daddies are very proud of her!

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Congratulations! She is beautiful.