Cables in the round?

My mom has asked that I make her something for mothers day. The pattern I have is in the round. Problem is I want to spice it up a bit and use some cables. So do I
1 - keep going in the round and alter the cable patter such that on the WS rows, I switch a purl to a knit and a knit to a purl
2 - when going in the round, can I actually turn the work and go backwards. Basically clockwise all the way around (RS) then go backwards/counter clockwise and be on the WS so I can do the true cable pattern?

also, do the cables make the work smaller? I know, everyone is just going to say make a swatch using the cable pattern. But this item has no size/gauge.


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Cables are easiest to do in the round. Change the stitches as you suggested from the flat pattern. I have read a general guideline (I think it was online in Cables for Dummies) that you should add one to two stitches for every four stitches in your cable.

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Listen to Albert.

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