Looking for Books

so I recently learned how to slip stitches and pass slip stitch overs
and now I am looking for some book with lace knitting patterns does anyone have recomendation for books or any websites with free patterns


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my fav. are the harmony guides... you'd also be amazed at what your local library has to offer!



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I think if you check out knitty.com you'll find some good free patterns. If you know K2tog and SSK you have the basic shaping elements I would say. Everything from there is just theme and variations. Open work is fun and seems to go fast! There's nothing to do where the holes are! Enjoy!

Fiddlesticksknitting.com has some really nice patterns.

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The biggest and best resource for lace knitting, IMHO, is right here with Mario. He has a group on Yahoo with so many wonderful patterns. I believe most of his patterns are here in the archives. And if you get stuck, I know how generous he is with his advice and help.

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There's a lace-knitting ring on the net. Can't remember the address, but Google'll no doubt come to the rescue.

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