My first pair of sox!

Here they are at last! Is there any more to say? Yay!'s a little more info. I must confess, I have knit a sock before...sort-of. Just one. After trying, I swore that something miraculous would have to make me try another, like getting married--I would use the other sock to propose.

Here's the thing. If I'm green now, I was much more so then...and I had no clue what wool or sock yarn were then. I printed some easy sock pattern off the internet in college, took my woolease and went on a choir tour down south. Right at Orangeburg, SC, I was finished...complete with terrible ladders and nasty gaps. That's not to mention the metallic dpns slipping out all the time. I had no one to help me understand where I had gone wrong. That was the end of that.

Fast forward about six or seven years. I have much more knitting under my belt, I've come to the wooly dark side (more or less), and I've discovered bamboo and circulars. And I actually took a class and made knitting friends. So don't be misled. This little first pair of socks was a long time in coming. It truly is my first pair, even though it's technically socks 2 and 3. And it's also my first foray into sock yarn.

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Nice job! Your stitches are really nice and even, and the colors came out great, too!

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Thanks! what a nice compliment! I did knit a few projects in between socks 1 and 2, but it didn't seem to cause any gauge issues. The nice thing about showing a couple pics on the web is that you can't hold them and see the times I forgot which row I was on and did the wrong stitch. Or the other little flubs. hehe.

About the colorway...I have to chuckle. It's great, and I will wear it with pride. However, when I was shopping for my first sock yarn, my teacher asked what color palette I was thinking of, and I said blue/green/brown. Hm. Either the colors I liked incorporated colors I didn't want to wear, like pink or purple, or they were to 'safe' and dark, like olive green. So I ended up with a yellow/orange palette. At least it tips the hat to brown, and should wear nicely enough with my brown work pants.

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Sweet looking sox! I am soon to be finished one too.

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Thanks, Kerry...I just peeked at yours, and can't wait to see the final result! I've been on a Noro kick anyway (daydreams), but seeing your sock helped confirm it for me. There's something about the colors gradually changing that makes the knit keep moving forward for me.

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How long did the socks take you to knit? I just started to learn to knit socks yesterday.I was thinking that socks would be quick and easy but ... with sock wool being so fine... I soon realised that it's going to take me quite some time... but I don't know just how long it will take.

For you how long did it take? Your socks look great by the way.
Istanbul, Turkey


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Interesting question... I began the first sock right after taking a sock class back in January-February, I believe. Too lazy to check. Then life happened, and I juggled several more projects that screamed louder...I had about a mere inch on the second sock a week ago today.

If you're worried about not getting anywhere, I recommend to you what worked for me...take the socks on a day trip, preferably one in which you use public transportation and ride for a few hours. (Or an airport) The rather lengthy waiting periods make for a nice boost in sock progress, haha. That got me over the hump. Oh, and bring an iPod with the Yarn Harlot on it.

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Beautiful socks. I hope they are the first of many.

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Glad you like them. I must admit, I was for a while thinking of *not* doing more socks. Never fear, though. I'm debating whether to squeeze a pair in for my dad by June, and for my mom by her July 4 birthday. I'm definitely gonna try the latter in some tacky red-white-blue combination.

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Excellent job!!!

You did very well. Congratulations.

Good luck on many more to come.


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Thank you!!! It means a lot.

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Another one to the dark side of sock knitting! :-) I used to be one of those who didn't understand why you would knit socks, then I knit a pair. Now I hardly ever not wear hand knit socks. I agree they are the perfect portable project. Also great for warmer weather knitting when you don't want a big wool project sitting on your lap. They look awesome too. Great pattern choice.

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Nice socks. Like your comment about socks as travel companions. They are my "go-to" project on such occasions. A lot of sock knitting (for me) is just getting into the "zone" and letting myself knit - music is a great way to do that. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Those socks are AWESOME! Great fit -- especially for a first pair.

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Beautiful socks! You did a fantastic job on them. I really like the colorway and pattern.