What now?

Now that my socks are done (I added a few more pics and words), I've decided to scratch the itch and knit up my own Hemlock Ring Blanket. I actually don't plan on adding any unique signatures to the pattern this time. Ok, so I tested it out in Kureyon, but it just wasn't doing it for me. Didn't help that I used oddly-colored scraps.

So I pull out my Ecological Wool thinking I'm going to knit instantaneously...just find the start of the yarn...Lo, and behold! I have to wind it myself. Good thing I'm watching The Breakfast Club, because winding that much yarn gets tiresome. Not that it was as bad as anything Ally Sheeds or Emilio Estevez were confiding. I love that movie. But that's irrelevant.

Already long story made a little longer, I have started. Feels good. It's nice to have done a trial run on the center flower. Can't wait to finish, but I don't see this being one of those gloriously portable projects I usually do. The ball of yarn is a bit...beautiful...wait, that's not what I meant to say. Darnit, it's taking over!

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that pic is funny as hell! Its like its scaring the shit outta you!

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Beautiful start on a gorgeous pattern!



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What weight is the yarn? I think it looks a lot heavier in the photo then it actualy is.? Looks like a great start to Hemlock!

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I used the Cascade Ecological Wool, as recommended by JFlood himself. It is a bulky weight. I hand-wound the yarn, so it may appear to have a lot more volume than if I used a ball winder.

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Lovely color, and lovely start. I want to knit another hemlock....

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Gee, I didn't realise how cute you are!