RIP Bea Arthur

Thank you for being a friend.


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I just read that last night. She was one of my favourites.... in all her series. She never did reveal her age before, so I didn't quite expect this. So sorry to hear this -- she gave us a lot.

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OOO NOOO! I hadn't heard. Such a fine actress and, from what I've been told, just as fine in her real life beyond acting. How sad for all of us. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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This is such bad news on top of Jason's news as well, just to much to bear at the moment.

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In my "previous life" I was a cop and did a side gig as Bea Arthur's bodyguard for a show she did at the Auditorium Theater in Chicago. That was one tough broad! She was amazing. 150% - all the time. She didn't really need a bodyguard but, at that time in our history, the theater thought it was best based on Bea's outspoken stance on Pro-Choice issues. Vera Charles RULES! Long Live Maude! We'll miss you, Dorothy!

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I saw her one woman show on Broadway. Was blown away by her "musicality"... her ability to interpret a song. Gravel-voice, sure, but amazing! She will be sorely missed.

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...exactly...what CAN you get a nudist for her birthday?

So sad she's gone, but, she certainly left us laughing...and she hid her ailment away -- just to give us what we's what she loved doing.

I'd laugh right though any tears just for her!


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I remember Bea in one of the early fillm versions of Mame. The Vera Charles character told her she should keep her hair "natural like mine" Her response was "if I kept my hair natural like yours I wouldn't have any". Her sense of timing and what was funny was inimitable.

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Feels like a piece of an era is gone with her passing. Loved her in Golden Girls, but really first fell in love with her in Maude. What a great show that was.

What a great actress, what a great woman.

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Didn't 'Maude' come out of a guest appearance on 'The Bunker's'?

Which just goes to show....

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

QueerJoe's picture was one of the many spin-offs from All In The Family...Maude, The Jeffersons...and then Maude had a spin-off of its own...Good Times