my sock obsession

Because I'm going to the Sock Summit in Portland with my friends Bill, Andy, Beth and Ben, I decided that I needed to know how to make socks via all three methods: dpns, magic loop and two circs. However, it has rather turned into a bit of an obsession. I think I'm addicted.

These are my novice attepts, with another pair almost ready to turn the heel. Is there such a thing as SKA?? (Sock Knitters Annonymous)

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Great socks and don't worry, I think most people get hooked on sock making at first!!!!!!

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I still haven't started my socks yet. I'm going to pick up some sock yarn hopefully sometime this week.


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I forgot to ask a question. Which did you prefer Dpn's, Two Circs or Magic Loop.


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I haven't made up my mind, I've made 3 pair magic loop toe up, and 2 pair dpns cuff down. The pair I'm doing now are cuff down 2 circs, so I'll give you my verdict when I finish these, I haven't gotten to the heel turn yet.

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I'm on my 3rd pair. All with 2 circulars, but my first 2 were cuff down, these are now toe up. I definitely prefer the toe up!
but you forgot a method. 2 at a time on 2 circulars.
I haven't done this yet but I image it is a mix of magic loop and 2 circulars.

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Those are all beautiful, I too am addicted to sock knitting. There is actually a group on Ravelry called "Sock Knitters Anonymous".



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Based on your results thus far, I would encourage your addiction.

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Sock Summit is not going to know what hit them when you people get there!

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Just started a pair of socks on dpns, my preferred choice for sock making. Welcome to the world of socks and enjoy! I love to have socks on the needles as a to go project. Enjoy the sock summit, wish I was going, I love Portland.

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Thank you all for the kinds words and encouragement. Since at times I can be just a teency weency bit of a perfectionist, I sometimes have trouble just sitting back and enjoying the fruits of my labors. Thanks all

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These look great! I think you are more than ready for the Sock Summit. The colors in all of them are great, but I especially like the one in the pic above and how you got a similar diagonal stripe across the top of the foot on each sock. I realize it's more about how the yarn was dyed and how it came off the skein, but still, it's great!

Please post your update when you've decided on which technique you liked the best. I've only made socks on dpn's and it makes me a little crazy, so that's why I've had a pair of socks in progress for over 2 years now...