Me and the Buddah

A picture of Me and the Budah or the Buddha and me, you take your pick. @ Jumpin Java Coffee House Street Patio,139 Noe Street , San Francisco California! Windy, cold Spring day, very sunny!Me and The Budah 139 Noe


albert's picture

That Buddha needs a hat, Andy- get clicking!

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My thoughts exactly Albert, I was looking at his head, hmmm, maybe next time I will take a picture with one of my hats!

MMario's picture

He's trying to steal Andy's - can't you see that?

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

chipsir's picture

whom ever is with whom .......... you both look great to me and yes a hat might be nice for budda!!!!!!

mrossnyc's picture

I remember those spring days very well. Great pic of you both!