Some good news...

I would like to post some good news. It may help to hear that not all news is bad news....... !
My partner and I will be celebrating our 32nd anniversary this June ! The joy never stops !
We have been through tough times ( including cancer) and we are still here !!!!!!!!!!!


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We needed that!!!!
Thanks and Congratulations!!!!! We are sailing through 23 years here. I am always enouraged to be reminded tha there is lots more joy to come. And actually, yes, it does seem to get better and better - Phil

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Both Eric Paul and I were so glad to read your post and to "know" someone who has had a long-lasting, loving relationship. As both of us know, some relationships, though having good times, are not the ones we are meant to be in for life. We use those for learning experiences to make the final one better... to know how to say, and accept "I'm sorry"; to be there for the other when we need to; to love with all our hearts and not waste a moment wishing for something that is not there.

You and your Partner, as well as Phil and his, are great sources of inspiration as Eric and I enter a new relationship and hope and pray for a future as full of love and happiness as yours.

We wish you all the best for many more years,

Brad and Eric

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Congratulations. Bill and I are going on 21 years, so we understand what an achievment you've reached. I hope you have many more years together.

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It has it's ups and downs doesbn it? My wife and I are 23years str
ong too!

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Not if you keep breaking her needles.

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You always make me laugh!

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Kudos, and 32 more!

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Congratulations! I'm always so happy to hear of long lasting relationships. Dennis and I will celebrate 18 years in September. Hope you have many more happy years together.



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That is's nice to be able to share in the joys of your accomplishment. You two are an inspiration...thanks for letting us know.

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Congratulations! June is a wonderful month find the love of your life. My partner and I will be celebrating 25 years this June. We met on Father's Day - is there any irony there? Anyway we live in St. Louis and are thinking about going up to Iowa to get married in celebration. What will you two be doing to celebrate 32 years?

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I am very happy for you both and saddened a little that in 62 years I have been unable to find your success, guess it just wasn't meant for me. Do do something truly wonderful with each other and I will be raising a glass of fizzy to you (water unfortunately).

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I'm so happy for you!!!

Yes, indeed, good news is very good!



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Congratulations to all of you who are Blessed with long term commitments. One set of friends have been together about 45 years, depending upon which mister you are asking. Just goes to abides, no matter what the naysayers claim. Blessings upon all of you; whether long term or just starting out. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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we celebrated 15 in feb. well, that's from our first anniversary. at our tenth we had a commitment ceremony, so that was our fifth, and then we got legally married last july, so we are rolling up on our first. let's just hope everyone keeps all the dates straight, or they may forget to send the expected and appropriate gifts :)

we put birds on things

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Congratulations Steve and to your partner, also to others in long term committments. My man and I will be celebrating out 30th next month, where have all those years gone :)

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Congratulations! Here's to many more years together!