My latest project

This is a 3Suisse pattern - who have gone out of business. They had great men's patterns. And great pattern books. I have tried to figure out what kind of yarn "Narvik" is/was so I can't find out the general weight to compare to other yarns. I'd love to find more of their patterns, but haven't managed to find anything. Has anyone seen any around?

I did knit this once before about 15 years ago. It came out perfectly with the exception that it was too small. The three sizes in the pattern weren't clear and my tension was just a little tight.

It was the biggest disappointment upon completion since I was sure I'd look just like the pattern model.

I don't usually knit sweaters for myself (because I don't like pullovers) and it's hard to find a great cardigan for men (and not wind up looking like my Dad) so I'm making this again.

I have the back just about done. The pattern looks good and is easy to keep going (I don't think I could ever keep a lace pattern straight).

When it's complete, I'll have to post a picture with me modelling it in the same pose.

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What a great sweater-
any more info on the pattern? I'd love to try to track it down!

QueerJoe's picture lists Narvik as a bulky yarn that knits up 10 sts = 4 inches.

Yardex also gives a list of other yarns that match that gauge:

Cool looking sweater...would want to look like him wearing it too!

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Thanks for the link! This is a great resource!

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WOW! Yarndex lists it as equivalent to Brown Sheep's "Burly Spun" which Ihave used before. That is some pretty bulky yarn!! Would make a wicked cool sweater out of that pattern!

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Thanks for the tip on yarndex. There is Narvik wool on Yarndex (and was pretty excited) except the pattern uses 4.5mm needles and the tension given on Yarndex is on 9mm needles. I think it's a case of two manufactures using the same name - Yarndex has Narvik by Wendy/Peter Pan while the pattern is Narvik by 3Suisse.

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Great pattern, and from a bystander , the model looks very doable as well rofl!!!!!!!!!! Hope you find out about the yarn in desperation I usually just goggle the name and see what happens.

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Sweater is nice, really...

...model...ummmmmmm....ok, well, you can have him...



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I agree. Very handsome sweater. In which 3Suisse pattern book or issue was the pattern published? Maybe I can find one on ebay...

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Given you can distinguish individual stitches in that photo I think bulky is right.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Thanks for the input guys. I should have the back completed today with Worsted weight wool. It doesn't look as bulky as the picture but it's summer right?

Ricke, I've got the whole pattern book. Lots of nice looking patterns. I've looked on ebay for more patterns, but haven't seen anything from 3Suisse for Men. I scanned the cover and actual pattern for Eric. If you're interested in it, let me know.


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Added another image to the post with the cover of the pattern book.

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Thanks. The hunt is on.

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Ah, those pattern books for men's sweaters. I've knitted for years and years and to this day my self-delusion circuit won't let go. That is, I still entertain the same old fantasy that if I knit the sweater in That Pattern, I'll look like That Model. There has been not the slightest hint yet that the sweaters "work" that way, but still my fantasy controls me.

Maybe it's just that I haven't yet chosen the right yarn. Or is it simply that that's why god make models: to sell knitting books.

Regards, Jerry