Update on Jason

I don't mean to keep everyone upset about this but knowledge is power... here's the most recent email (from this morning)


Here's another update on Jason,

Jason was admitted into hospital this morning, and is currently undergoing surgery in order to get a stoma, for the past few days Jason had been throwing up a lot and I thought it smelled kind of weird and it reminded me of when my father had cancer so we had it checked out this morning, and by feeling proved true when Jason was told that he was actually throwing up faeces, his intestines are blocked up by, surprise, surprise, yet another tumor.

They will also take some samples from the tumors to see what kind of cancer it is Jason is dealing with. We are scheduled to have a meeting with Jason's oncologist tomorow morning, to hear what the future might possibly bring.

More updates will follow as they come.



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heart sinking...i bow my head and ask for grace for all

we put birds on things

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Poor sweet Jason. Only know him from here, of course, but came to like him right away. Many Blessings for him and his caregivers. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Thank you for the update. As sad as it is to read, I would like to keep being updated about Jason and passing our love back to him.
Blessings, peace and strength to Jason and all who are caring fr him.
Jack and Ben

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PLease tell him how much he is loved and please put up the fight of his life he is in my prayers every day , Iam sure thigns are very tough for him now but it is still always best to keep a positive attitude , we are all pulling for him please do not hesitate to let us know if he needs anything although we are all miles away if he is in need of any financial help please tell us ,We are all his friends

Love Bobby

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How incredibly cruel life can be - what he is going through is nothing but torture. I'm ashamed I worry so much about my own petty problems.


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Thank you for keeping us posted, we truly are all family, bless his care givers my prayers are for them as well.

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Thanks Kyle for keeping MKW posted. Love and prayers to Jason in this nasty tyme.

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Well Jason is a brave young man, looks like cancer was all inside of him having a great time while he was being himself. WHat can we do about this is hold him in prayers, but we can also live life to the fullest.

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Thanks Kyle for being willing to receive and post updates. The information does allow us a certain power.....in that we can continue to be connected to him rather than simply wonder. As you are able, please pass on our love. - Phil

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Thanks, Kyle!!

Thanks for the update. As everyone has said, please pass along our thoughts and love to Jason and we must not forget Jonathan. Is there anything we as a group can do... some massive knit-a-long or each of us knit a square and someone put it all together? Even though it may not reach Jason in time (vomiting feces is NOT a good sign), it could be given to Jonathan and then at least he would know that we are here and thinking about them. Any suggestions?


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actually I received an email from someone else mentioning this idea... I'm all for it and glad to assemble/ship or whatever - someone just needs to pick the yarn (something available everywhere) - I used Vanna's Choice Worsted for a recent project with the Men's Knitting Retreat and it seemed successful with the exception of people not liking to knit with synthetic (haha) - it's available and inexpensive...

decide on color, pattern (or patterns), size of squares, and get everyone to get it together -- If you want, people can ship the squares to me and I'll assemble them (there are a few helpers locally who can chip in) and we'll get it shipped to Jonathan - maybe each contributor can write a card or note that we could include along with the blanket)...

let me know what you guys want to do and we'll do it... but I suggest we act swiftly.



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Loving this idea. I am thinking Vanna's Worsted in whatever color and pattern we like. Say six inches square?

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I've been offline for a few days and just read about this. I'd love to contribute if the project goes forward. Please keep me posted.

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I'm with you, Andrew...

I think if we all did something "of" ourselves individually.

I'm up for knitting a 6x6 square.

...and then knitting a chemo cap and donating it to a local cancer charity -- local to each of us individually...that's really one of the last few things that he was really wanting from us before he stopped posting (and not even to be knit for him, he wanted to knit for himself)...he might not be gone yet, but, at least someone might remember his name through us.

So, I'm in for a big all-in project AND a knit-a-long.


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Kyle, thanks again for keeping us updated.

I like that idea and I (dare I say it) even like Vanna's Choice. It's really soft for acrylic and works up a hell of alot better than Red Heart. I like Andrew's idea of six inches square of any pattern we want. Where do you want us to send it?


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Thanks Kyle for updating us on his status. I'm sorry to hear the news and have him in my thoughts.

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This is sad news. I will continue to keep him in my thoughts. I did yard work yesterday and put out my yearly little tomato crop (Unlike Shirley McClain in Steel Magnolias, I do actually eat them). I thought of Jason all day and what he must be going through, admiring him for wanting to maintain his dignity and hoping that I can muster that sort of courage if I'm ever faced with a similar situation. He's truly a role model. There's so much hype about other cancers but testicular cancer seems like a step-child. I will make a contribution the the Lance Armstrong foundation in his honor.

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I'm sitting at my computer with tears in my eyes, determined that I will post this time. Each attempt, since Kyle first posted news of Jason, I was overwhelmed by the sorrow that we will soon lose this beautiful, talented young man. I was equally overwhelmed by the outpour of love, prayers and concern for Jason from all of you. Thank you Kyle for keeping us connected to Jason. As upsetting as it may be to hear this news, it would be far worse to not know.

Jason... I think you won the hearts of everyone here from your very first post. Your charm, humor and genuine warmth made it impossible for people not to love you. I looked forward to your posts, which always brought a smile to my face and many times made me laugh. Although we are separated by many miles, you made yourself a part of all our lives. I am proud to call you my friend. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

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Jason's a lovely lovely guy. I've followed his postings only for the past few months 'cos I'm only new to MWK. I thank him for keeping me in touch with my humanity. His sad news has effected me considerably ... for a person who never cries... I can't remember, on reading this news, have floods coursing down my cheeks... life is short, we all have challenges and we have a wonderful network of friends in MWK ... Jason has made me appreciate my life, a life I take a bit for granted... I need to be more thankful for my every day. Jason's given me a new outlook.

Istanbul, Turkey