sometimes i think people are just awful.  night before last i was tired beyond belief......the emergency room was jumpin' all night long.  well, i carry my knitting bag with me to the time keeping station to clock out.  of course i had to set it down to free up a hand to juggle my id badge and book bag. apparently, i didn't pick it up when i clocked out and left.  security tape has a civilian/non-hospital employee picking up the bag and heading out through the atrium and loses sight of the culprit as he (*yep, it was a male*) passes by the outpatient and clinic pavillions.  so, there goes my latest hat-creation (done in lionbrand desert flowers) that i had just finished and the first third of a baby afghan for my best friend's impending delivery.  *sigh*  just had a sick feeling 'cause i just realized that the afghan was on an interchangeable needle set.   *ugh*  of course, those will be the size needles i must have to get anything done.  more sighing ensues.



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It is sad to realise that the things you lost were precious to you and will mean nothing to the thief.  Half-finished projects and part of a needle set really don't have much monetary value.  As I get older I find myself feeling sorry for people like those who stole your knitting.  I think of the horrible experiences he had or the horrible parents he had to make him do what he did.  Fortunately, for every person like the thief there are a million wonderful humans who make the world run smoothly.  Thank goodness we see the thief through our eyes and don't see the world through his.

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Wow!  That'll piss ya off, huh?  How infuriating.

Longtime faggot, first time knitter.

Longtime faggot, first time knitter.

I can't understand why people would have the audacity to do this kind of thing. Totally senseless. Perhaps it's my upbringinging, my father was a policeman! I always hope that it will turn up in a couple of days as the person realises they made a mistake. always think on the brightside of life! 

Knit away, knit away

"They say best men are moulded out of faults; and, for the most, become much more the better for being a little bad." William Shakespeare, Measure for Measure

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I can so relate to this as I had my knitting bag stolen last summer.  They not only stole the knitting bag, but broke into my Chevy Tracker by cutting the side vinyl window of the convertible.  I had 2 projects in the works, several Addi Turbo needles and all the gadgets that you collect over the years. I'm sure the thief was hoping for a laptop, iPod or cd player in it.  I can only imagine when they found yarn and needles.