Comfort Blanket for Jason1978

OK we are all feeling the same way - so I created a .pdf file that explains the details of how we will go about creating this blanket. Note that we need 72 squares - I hope everyone will save the file to their computers, and print/post as needed - on your blogs, websites, distribute to local yarn shops or stitch and bitches.. have everyone write notes of support for Jason and include them with the squares. We must move swiftly on this - time is of the essence... so let's make it happen! I look forward to spending time assembling the blanket and getting it sent to Jason and his family.

email me with any questions after reading the file. I will be posting it on my blog as well...

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog This is something great Kyle, glad you did not post any address here as the spammers will get you ! Let's see what we can do here!

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Thanks for posting this!

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A great idea to put a blanket together for Jason. Count me in . .


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Excellent! Can't wait to get started!! Kyle, I will email you soon to let you know how many I can do!

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This is an incredible idea. I will definitely by making at least a square, more if I can. I will bring what I have to the Spring Retreat.

Also, this Saturday I will be participating in a Yarn Shop Hop Party that the Western New York yarn shop owners have put together. I will have copies of the instructions at my vendor table during the party. I'll also bring it to my Monday knitting circle and speak with the president of our Knitting Guild about asking guild members to make squares.

I think it would be a great thing to not only make the blanket for Jason and his family, but to also donate another to charity in his honor.

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Great idea! Thanks for running with this Kyle. I'll bring one/some to the spring retreat. -John

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Great! I am glad someone knew how to make this work! The idea of it just consumed me yesterday, somehow. Middle-aged men and their emotions (if I still call myself middle-aged at this point I'll have to live to 108 or something). Thank you for mapping out the details I will start my squares tonight. Not only is green my favorite color but I am told is the color of healing and energy! Thanks,
Kevin AKA Nashrunner

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I'm glad to help organize and get it going... I just got another email from Jonathan - sounds like the prognosis is not good but they're talking about through the summer which is good... it's hard to say with these things - and from experience with my dad and his cancer, I know that part of it is dependent on the will of the individual...

all that being said, I think Jason will get to enjoy a blanket that we make... and read the notes we share.

I understand the emotion connected to this - it's right in the core of our beings... and feeling useless is harmful - knitting makes me feel useful - so I'm knitting. :)

Thank you for your commitment and for sharing the project with others - the more we talk about it the better the results. I am excited to see how much we can give back while knitting for Jason... maybe 2 blankets? (maybe 3??!!) - we'll see. one square at a time.



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Kyle, when the original suggestion about this, it was only minutes after it was posted and I nearly recommended that you head it up. But I knew you would volunteer!
I will do a square also, tears and prayers in every stitch, and have it to you asap.


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Starting on my squares now.

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Let us make it so.

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i'll do 4, i hope.

we put birds on things

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Just started a discussion on this on Ravelry, in the hopes that more people will become involved.

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where on ravelry did you start a discussion? I did one each in men's knitting retreats and in the knitting men in America forums..



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count me in for a square or two

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count me in...I just ordered the yarn...
(Andy, I can share it with you)

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count me in for one also!

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Brad & I are in for at least 1 square each. Great idea!

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Here's a thought... would it be doable for everyone who sends a square to throw in a dollar or two when they ship it off to Kyle? A full size blanket will be a bit to ship overseas and if we raise enough it could be enough to ship it more quickly. I really love seeing all you guys pulling together for the comfort of one of our own, it's a great thing to see.

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The question is, where exactly is Jason? Did he ever move back to Ohio to be with his family like he said he was going to back in October, or is he still in Austria?

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i think he's still in vienna.

we put birds on things

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Great Idea Brad! I'll send some dough with my two squares!


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knitting at the ready.” -- E. Zimmerman

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My thoughts exactly. Planning to include money towards shipping also. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I mentioned it in the other post, and I'll mention it here, too...

I'm definitely in. I'll be heading off to Michael's for some Vanna's Choice probably tomorrow, the square will take all of a lunch break at work -- the very least I can do.

The goings on of someone affecting "our" little community wholly: I feel all the better knowing how many caring people I'm a part of and am most glad to be a part of you all (as people, so much more than just a screen name and a graphic).

...and truly, the love shared by those here is genuine. Even in this day and age online, you don't find all that many groups that have that.


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I'd be glad to add at least a square...

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Thanks Kyle!! I'm definitely in. I wouldn't be surprised if we (you) ended up with more than 72 squares. This is a wonderful idea and project.


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Me too. I will send a few bucks too. Anything to help our friend.

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Are youall using the Lions Brand yarn listed in the directions? No Lions Brand here. Can I substitute another worsted weight yarn, matching the color as best I can?

I can't get Lions Brand either and I would just love to knit a square or two for this wonderful cause.

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No Lions Brand here in the UK either. Is this yarn the same as Aran? and does the colour have to be exact or can it be "Close". To get wool sent from the USA has taken over six weeks in the past and cost an arm and a leg in shipping, as companies have a minimum shipping rate to other countries out side the USA. It seems as though one ball of yarn costs as much to ship as twenty balls with some stores.

ETA Iv'e just found a British site that sells the wool at Banyantree Yarns Ltd now I can join in.

Thanks Jack, now I can order some too! I'm in.

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I'm in for at least one square. The least I can do! :-(

"Men can starve from a lack of self-realization as much as they can from a lack of bread." --Richard Wright

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I'm in. This just breaks my heart.



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Possibly someone in the UK/Continent would be a secondary place to send squares? Seems silly to ship them across the pond and back again.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

I would be more than happy to accept them here in Spain, put them together and ship them.

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It would be so much cheeper, and postage would take a few days in Europe for a fraction of the price, meaning we could spend more on yarn.:o)
It seams strange that blanket squares for a friend who lives half an hours plane ride away from me, are going to travel a fourteen hour plane ride to the USA to be put together and then travel another 14 hour plane ride to Jason.
On the other side of things this group is USA based and with out MHK I for one would be totally lost. So few men in the UK seem to knit.
As I am new to knitting I don't think I would be best placed to put together any of the squares for fear of making a terrible mistake. However I would be happy to post them to any EU country if needed. Must go and buy the yarn now. Good luck to all who get their needles out for Jason.

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I understand your point but since we're potentially talking about 72 participants, the majority of participants are in the United States - so that would mean all those individuals would need to ship their squares to you in the UK (which is a greater overall cost) for you to do the assembly. I'm honored to organize this and get it going - and while because of logistics we are asking our international brothers (and sisters!) to pay a little more in shipping, I think it's for a good cause and will mean a lot to Jason... in the end, it's less about the blanket and more about the gathering of people around the country spending an hour or two of their time thinking good thoughts for Jason and all those who are fighting the fight... Whatever way you can contribute is appreciated.




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Hi Kyle. You've put a big smile on my face... The last thing I would want is people sending their squares to me...:o)
I much prefer the idea of a more experienced person like you getting them and piecing the blanket together. I was just replying to MMarios post. I don't even know how many members live in Europe.
One thing I do know though is that the postal service between here and the USA is variable to say the least. Last year I sent two packages to Texas on the same day. One gift arrived within two weeks and the second took eight weeks. Both packages were identical. For some time I had a very unhappy niece who thought she had been missed out.

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I wonder if we should try to share skeins of the yarn? Seems like each skein could knit quite a few squares no? Suppose there are always other projects one could use the rest of the yarn on.


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Count me in too!

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Count me in for a couple of squares.
The last mailing address I have for Jason is in Dronten, The Netherlands....but I'm sure that Kyle will get this sorted out with Jonathan. Thanksfor pulling us together in this Kyle -Phil

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Working on my square(s) now. Relatively new knitter so mine won't be fancy but knitted with prayers. It is a terrible thing for someone so young and would love to be part of a project that will surely bring a smile to his face during the time of his battle.

A HUGE thanks to Kyle for organizing such an amazing project.

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Found the yarn - only one color so far but at least they had one of the four; and decided to do crochet - at least for an initial square.

Size G (4.25 mm) hook; 27 sttiches per row in US double crochet (UK = triple crochet) x 14 rows gives me a nice tidy 8 inch square.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Me too... me too. I want to do something!

Now I've managed to track down the yarn I'll some squares on the way as soon as I can. They won't be very fancy but I'll do my absolute best to make them interesting!


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where do we send the pieces?


we put birds on things