Retail Therapy Needed

When the going gets tough... the tough so shopping.

However, there isn't anything in the MenWhoKnit store that is really fun, edgy or exciting.

Any possibility that we could get some fresh designs? Darrel?? My man...?


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I am sure that if you wanted to help him come up with something he'd be willing to consider it...

the best suggestion I can make is to do some designs and email them to Darrel for review... I'd personally like to see a change of venue to - I really love the way they make their pieces (printed so the image isn't "stiff" on the fabric) but they're a bit more money than cafepress... either way, do some designs - maybe we can generate some income for MWK which would mean more improvements to the site (not that it's not awesome already!) :)



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We have a store?

QueerJoe's picture the upper right-most corner of the MenWhoKnit page is a link called "Store."

It's a CafePress offering of various items with the MenWhoKnit logo on it.