"ramro" baby sweater

So to go along with the "barn raising" baby quilt, I've done this sweater/cap set for the baby - due in June. The mother was my closest friend while in the Peace Corps in Nepal. The word for "good" or "great" or "well" in Nepali is "ramro" (pronounced rahm-roh). And to this day, if something tastes good, we'll say that we think the chef must've added a touch of "ramro" to the dish. Anyway, I decided I'd knit a "ramro" sweater. I mis-judged the size of the letters and they ended up just going all the way around the body of the sweater. Oh well. It's fun.

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That is SO cute!!!

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Your misjudgement is a designer element which (literally) wraps the baby in goodness! Beautiful work!

I think you knitted in a little ramro into this sweater, and I think the lettering size is perfect.

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Frank...that is truly beautiful...the colors are superb and like etramblings, I love the "design element" of wrapping the word around the baby.

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What a beautiful sweater. That's going make many a good memory.

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Agreed! Agreed! Wrapping the baby in "goodness" is almost like wrapping him in a prayer flag! So perfect! And your color choices are enviable! WOW! I really love what you have done.

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That is just beautiful, you'll have to post a picture of it being modeled.