Gauge-less squares - for Jason's blanket

Just thought I'd pass along an option for knitting squares to meet the 8" x 8" requirement for the Jason Blanket. This square is knit in the round until it measures 8 inches square - no swatch necessary. It's the pattern I've used for a three of the most recent baby blankets I've done. The pic is just an example from a square used in a previous blanket.

With double-pointed needles, cast on 4 stitches.
Round 1: Increase 1 in each of the 4 stitches. You'll have 8 stitches.
Distribute the stitches onto four needes, two stitches per needle, and begin knitting in the round.
Round 2: Knit one, increase one with each stitch. You will now have 4 stitches on each needle (16 stitches total).
Round 3: Knit one, increase one, knit to the last stitch, increase one. You will have 6 stitches on each needle.
Round 4: Knit even the entire round.
Round 5 through 7: Knit one, increase one, knit to the last stitch, increase one.
Round 8: Knit even the entire round.
Continue the same pattern, increasing in the first and last stitches on each needle the first three of every four rows until you have a square that's 8" x 8".
Switch to circular needle if necessary. Bind off purlwise.


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Thanks for this posting Frank! I was racking my brain and my fingers on the net trying to find out what to knit for my second square. This really helps give me some ideas and not having to swatch for guage...priceless.


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Excelent advice and help. the squares are going to be so diverse.

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are you making a square (or squares) like this for Jason's blanket? it's AMAZING!!!! thank you for the idea... that's such a beautiful square.... and seems easy to make!



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I wasn't actually planning on making such a fancy square but maybe I will now. I just wanted to show an example of the center out square. So nice not having to worry about the gauge!!


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Thanks, Frank. I think I'll try this one too, adding purl brocade decoration. I'm knitting the first square in a center out pattern that I developed for a square afghan (same reason - no gauge) that I use all the time. This time, I will end it at 8x8 rather than keep knitting until it's huge. (Hate seaming things.) It calls for increasing every other round, though. In fact - I'll be brave and post a blog note on the pattern. (My first.) Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Thanks Frank this got me using my DPNs without fear,!

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That really is a nice way to make sure you getting it 8x8, and with style to boot! I think I'll give this a whirl (probably without that beautiful color-work though.) I'm going to keep at least one or two garter stitch squares in reserve just in case it doesn't work out for me :) Thanks for a great idea!

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This also works as a "painless gague swatch" as the number of stitches perside when you hit 8 inches will be the number of cast on stitches you need for an 8 inch square in the same style.


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