Beth's Moebius Shawl

I have recently become smitten with Cat Bordhi's Moebius in the "Treasury of Magical Knitting" book. I love the cast on and I have already completed two of the "cowls" from her website. This one was cast on with the intentions of being given to one person but upon completion, it decidedly had to go live with MWK's very own, ETRamblings. Beth (ETRamblings), Dawn (DawnMo67) & I went to the Friday Night KTog in West Dundee, IL at The Gifted Purl last night and I finally finished casting off there. (I even got to meet TWO MORE people from MenWhoKnit! We are everywhere!!) Honestly, I did not expect such a generous shawl and was a bit surprised! But once the ladies got their hands on it and showed me how it could be worn, all was well in the world of handknitted fashions!

I used Ironstone Yarns "Island Cotton" (69% Cotton, 31% Rayon: 8 oz = 150 yds) in Royal Purple on US Size 11 needles and casted on 144 stitches using the Moebius Cast On. This used just over 3 hanks.


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That is beautiful, I can't believe how fast you put these out. Your model is just adorable, gorgeous smile, makes me just wanna give her a big hug!



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A gorgeous piece of knitting.

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Great to meet you at the Ktog and the shawl looks wonderful!

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Very nice, Thor. I like Moebius and plan to knit more in the future. (Along with a million other projects.) Wish I could just run into fellow MWKers but I'm the only one in Wyoming, so far as I know. (Of course, I consider it a major accomplishment to even MEET other men who admit to knitting, here in Wyoming.) Thank goodness for the web community. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I wanted to give her a big hug too! She looks so happy and great job on the shawl!

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I think everyone wants to give her a hug. I mean, even from just a picture, you can tell, she's just so...huggable.

Truth be told, that purple is perfect on her, all the same.

You sure she's just modeling? It looks like that was knit for her...she wears it REALLY well!

Exellent job, awesome model

The bunch of us, it seems lately, really needs to feel good about something. Thank you for coming through again.


P.S. She can come along when we run away to Guam.


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Beth is such a clear, grounded and loving person... and the shawl wanted to be swathed about her. She loves it and even wore it into work today! Guam, huh? There's yarn to be had there?

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I've been trying to finish my Möbius for a while now... just been busy/under the weather... it's that eternal bind-off in I-cord I'm dreading. You're is lovely!

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Amen! There are a lot of stitches and to do an I-Cord as well is definately going to be an exercise in persistance and foritude!

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...and to think...

dearest Elizabeth Zimmermann speaks of it as just another everyday thing...


...even in big capital letters just to be reassuring: YES...and to be even MORE reassuring, she eloquently used the term "only" one edge!

Is this the same methods she employed to get her three kids to eat their vegetables?


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Oh my gawd...I've knit many of Cat's moebi'i (?) what the hell is the plural of moebius...moebiuses doesn't do it it has to be an i huh? Anyway, I've knit many and love doing them however after the 1st I-cord bind off I swore NEVER to do it again and a swore the entire time I was doing it. Honestly, it took about 6 hrs to knit the damned thing and another 10-12 to bind it off! NEVER AGAIN!

Good luck with that and let us know how it turns out!

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Great shawl Thor! I love the color and your model is too cute! Congratulations on yet another beautiful piece.


“Now, let us all take a deep breath and
forge on into the future;
knitting at the ready.” -- E. Zimmerman

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What a beautiful shawl. You do such great work.