A very odd donation indeed...


Now that I have said that...and I know that they are probly setting on
pins and needles to see why they shouldn't read this post I'll start
my lil story...

Since I need like 1K more for my ride I have started askin for
corparate sponcers around the city... I know its kinda late andalot of
people doing the ride have hitup alot of people...

But I went to a local San Fran store to see if they could give me anything...

WELL...they make me an offer tha I couldn't really say no to, but at
the same time cant really use...

they offered me 25 Fleshlights to raffle and auction off....

25! Really how do I even market that?!?!?

Come to a Beer Bust and when great prizes and then in a drunken stuper
come to Power House were you can try your new toys out on each other!

I can't help but laugh when thinking about it.....

But on the knitting front I'm working on a new lace pattern from Victorian Lace Today...I'm making the feather and fan cape...and its AWESOME!


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It's all about marketing to the right demographic group :-)

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Yep it's all about marketing and the right group of guys!

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It's all about marketing to people that would actually know what one is (I do, but you probably needn't have excluded women from reading as now they'll probably have to google to find out what it is anyway).

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OK, I'll be the one that will admit to being a naive dork! I have no idea what a fleshlight is! Do I want to know?

“Now, let us all take a deep breath and
forge on into the future;
knitting at the ready.” -- E. Zimmerman

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ROFL I am sure Mil someone will private you with that info, otherwise just go on being niave. It is a very attractive quality these days!!!!

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OK, so Andrew was kind enough to give me some subtle sex ed by sending me a Wikopedia siting. (Thanks Andrew) I guess I really am naive! (blushing)

“Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn’t hurt the untroubled spirit either.”
-- E. Zimmermann, Knitting Without Tears

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Oddly, not the first person over a decade older than I am to whom I have had to teach sex ed.

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I'm still trying to figure out the "Prince Albert" thing.

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It also has the makings of a "Theme Party." 25 prizes to be given away that night.

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Are they fleshlights or fleshjacks? If you're marketing them for auction or the like, it's going to make a difference -- just look at their websites. Hysterical! ;-)

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That's hilarious! When I first read the post I read it as flashlights. You could have a party, Tupperware style!



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"Not your Mother;s Tupperware" indeed!

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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I'm with Millard.

I thought it was a typo ... thinking that you'd been give lightglobes and were suggesting people stuff them up their arses... was wondering how safe that was... so ... flesh light... meant your arse would light up. I honestly wouldn't have thought of it ... except my trip to Sicily was a bit of an eye opener ...
I have seen fleshlights before, just didn't know that that was the name for them. I thought they'd be called fake pussy... as opposed to the strap-on cock...

So like Millard I looked it up
And saw an informative video...
Istanbul, Turkey


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Yeah, I had to look it up too.