Bespoke Raglan Stitch-calculating Spreadsheet

The attched two files are a spreadsheet and description document I've put together. They help you determine how many sts you need for a custom-fit, top-down, any yarns/needles raglan sweater. They're written in Excel and Word. Please try the process and let me know your response to it. I hope it's useful. It works for me.

The file named "BespokeRaglanSweater.xls is the spreadsheet: you just enter a few measurements and it takes it from there (except YOU have to do the knitting.) The file named BespokeRaglanSweater.doc is my attempt to explain briefly and comment on the sprdsht.

My email:
Jerry M

If you want to try it without measuring somebody first, try it with my measurements to see if it works.
neck-size--19 inches
raglan-length--14 inches
body-length--16 inches
sleeve-length--20 inches
wrist-size--8 inches
test swatch # sts--15
test swatch # inches--4


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I had written a program years ago to try to do the same thing. I'm not sure what I did with it (it wasn't for raglan sweaters through - I just left it with drop shoulders to minimize the programming!)

It shouldn't be too difficult. I program with Excel's VBA on occasion so if you want some help with any specific, let me know and I can try to assist.

I'm hoping someone writes a killer app for an iPhone that can hold a pattern and help keep track of row counting etc. There are a couple of knitting apps on iTunes but they seem pretty limited in their use (one is a ruler to help calculate your tension which is kind of cool) but managing a whole pattern would be awesome.

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Steve: Thanks for the offer of help in developing a raglan spreadsheet. I'll probably come knockin.

What are the actual names of the knitting apps you have? I'm going to search "knitting" and see what comes up. I had not thought of doing so until I read your comment.

I read recently in an iPhone commentary that now that the one billionth app has been downloaded, developers will get the message that there really is a market for iPhone apps. Although that market hasn't been tested for apps priced at the video game level, app writers cannot ignore one billion downloads. That article also said that app developers have hardly scratched the surface of iPhone's computing capacity because they didn't want to waste time developing something for the "Apple market," which I suppose still is considered small to some.

Meanwhile, back to the knitting blog, thanks again.

Regards, Jerry

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You're more of a programmer than I (most people are, come to think of it.) My 6/4/09 entry here has two attached files for raglans. Any comments of the programmer- (or any other- ) persuasion you have about them, share share share.

Regards, Jerry

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I think that's a great idea Jerry. The whole pattern program thing goes right over my head, so I'm glad there are talented guys like you to do it for us. I would LOVE to have a copy when you're finished! I personally haven't heard about another instructional spreadsheet of this kind for a raglan. Can't wait to see the final product!


“Now, let us all take a deep breath and
forge on into the future;
knitting at the ready.” -- E. Zimmerman

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Geek here!!!

(waves arms frantically in the air to assure attention)

Programming intrigues me! Complex mathematics is a hobby! Yes, I proudly belong to the YGN group on Ravelry.

I'm like on the edge of my chair already waiting for your triumph. I've been tinkering with some similar ideas for a standalone (I have Liberty Basic, which makes .exe files) but, even with juggling everything that I do already, I just don't have the time in one little sitting.

Please do keep us informed!

I so want a copy...and I'll promote it for you like there was no tomorrow!


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Robert: a standalone would be excellent for a raglan. The thing I'm working on (and spending way too much time trying to make it pretty while foolproof (for fools such as I) is merely an Excel .xls file in Microsoft's Excel for Mac. For an accompanying how-to piece, I'm butchering somebody else's excellent piece with the aim of making it as word-free as I can get it (no doubt I'll fail badly there.)

I doubt that it'll be all that promotable. That's my self-preservation comment in response to mortal fear of rampant, unintended copyright infringement. And it won't be worth getting it lawyered up (he said, naively.)

Anyhow, ver 1.0 will appear soon. Make that soon-ish.

Peace to all and no on 8 forever. Jerry

Regards, Jerry

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I want it when you're done! Sounds REALLY COOL!

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Me too, me too, my poor old brain just cannot work my head around this idea but it sounds wonderful for fledgling designers like myself lol (in other words stupid) lol.

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Sounds really cool, I too would like a copy.



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Great responses, guys. And much appreciated encouragement. I'll be asking for beta testers soon.

Yeah, right. Beta testers. Note that I'm using real world programmer terminology when all I really mean is that I wanna find out if what I've done in Excel for iMac works on Excel for notMac. Seein' as how mSoft produced both versions of its Excel sftwr, I sorta suspect the answer will be a not all that surprising si, Senor. Ve shall zee zoon.

Regards, Jerry

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MicroSloth Compatible between two verisons of it's own bloatware?


I haven't had that good a laugh in ages!

I needed a chuckle right now.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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I still use the old StarOffice 5.2...

...but it accepts all of that other "stuff"


FWIW, one of my knitting groups introduced me to a knitting app for raglan sweaters at, I don't know if there's any similarity to what you're doing or not. Either way, I still would like to see the spreadsheet when you're done if you're going to share it. From what I understand, the pattern generator at knittingfool presumes the knitter knows what they're doing and when it comes to sweaters that's a pretty big assumption for my part.


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I was a programmer in a previous life. I'd appreciate a copy when you start sharing it. Thanks.

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My 6/4/09 entry includes the two files as attachments for you to download. I hope they work for you.

Regards, Jerry

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Looks like there's some interest. I've spent way too much time polishing the spreadsheet that generates the stitch numbers you need for knitting a top-down custom fit raglan sweater. It's ready now for you to try if you're interested. Please note: I wrote the stitch-calculation spreadsheet in Microsoft's Excel (I used the Mac version, but it should open and "work" on a PC.) I wrote the sprdsht's co-document in Microsoft's Word (again, the Mac version.)

I don't know how to post the two files on this website So please email me at and I'll send you the files so you can see if they work for you.


Regards, Jerry

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All of your formulas are populating the corresponding cells in Excel on a PC. I too am a former programmer, most of my work was done in creating custom MS Office programs and macros in VB. I've recently gotten interested in programming again and am now tackling making games for the Xbox. I'm loving it!

I've already got a sweater on my needles from a pattern I calculated, but when that's done, I'll try one out using your files and let you know how it goes. Thanks for providing this!

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You are most welcome. I hope you'll try it.

Regards, Jerry