Squares For Jason

I made one Crochet ( Top left unblocked), two knit (Top Right Block Garter Stitch Harlequin Square), Our DPNS easy to make Square( bottom unblocked) and they will be ready for mailing before Friday, I had blocked one, two of them are blocking as we speak! This is not my favorite Acrylic.


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Your squares are beautiful, Andy. I dislike acrylic, period. However, I love the colors in the Vanna's Choice line, and that they all harmonize with each other. If I could find the same concept and colors in wool I would be ecstatic!

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You clever boy! I toyed with the idea of a two or more colour combo but decided time was of the essence so went with just one colour. What I will do with the second ball I have no idea. I am with Albert acrylic "sucks"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Beautifully done, I especially like the bottom one.



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Great looking squares. Love the bottom one.

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thanks for the compliments. I figure I like color work and may have the time before going on vacation to make some squares that will help blend the two colors. Jason is going to like his blanket We all have great squares for him and Kyle has to choose our happiest looking squares ! I wanted to give him some choices.

If we ever make another comfort blanket, maybe we can try cotton next time. I never heard of anyone having trouble with cotton. Cotton is machine washable and dryable, the only care is colorfastness, but that is easy to test.

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Nice job Andy! I'm also thinking of doing my third square in color work. I agree with the sentiments about the acrylic. I don't mind acrylic as long as it is mixed with wool, but 100% acrylic is challenging. I do like the colors in Vanna's line however.

“Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn’t hurt the untroubled spirit either.”
-- E. Zimmermann, Knitting Without Tears

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I saw Andy's "Garter Stitch Harlequin Square" last night...and it's much more beautiful than the photo suggests...

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I agree with the anti acrylic sentiments - the reasoning for this yarn selection is multi fold - but includes its ease of care for whoever might have the blanket... (it's washable, won't felt, etc.) and the ease of acquiring the materials (it's available pretty widely across the US) - although some people have found even this yarn somewhat challenging to locate!

I think that in the future if I decide to keep making these blankets (with your help!!) that we'll open up the yarn choices to any yarn as long as it's machine washable - but for now, and for Jason's blanket, I am glad everyone is braving acrylic!

I LOVE these squares, Andy - you're really great... and the diamonds are super - that'd make a fantastic jacket... (maybe you should make a pattern!)




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I love the color work on these squares!

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Andy, those are beautiful!! I wish I knew how to crochet. I suppose I should just give it a try. Never have. This blanket is going to be beautiful!! I can't wait to see the final project!


Nice. I too love your choice of colour.

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Love 'em. I just finished my two today. I knit the first one over 3 times to get the gauge right...seems like I wouldn't figure it out till it was almost done...so once I got it right I did the same square again for #2. I used double lace rib, which is so very comfy, even in acrylic. Ick. The lace/rib combo gives a wonderful squishiness.