I was asked on Friday if I would consider judging the knitted and crochet entries at the county fair here.

I could do it, the number of entries is not usually terribly large, and I've certainly been doing this stuff long enough. But I have no particular "professional" qualifications. I've only ever taught one class, I don't write on the subject. When I asked "Why me?" the answer was just "Because we talked it over and thought you'd be good."

The judges give written comments on every piece, which I'd be willing to do. It probably takes about half a day, and they pay you $50. (Wow.) I just keep wondering if $50 is worth getting tarred and feathered for. :)

I seem to recall an old episode of the Andy Griffith show where he was asked to judge the pies or cakes at the fair and really got into hot water when he didn't pick the one made by his Aunt Bea as the best.

At least it isn't the next county over. They have a huge needlework display there each year. I'll bet those ladies would whomp me to death with their umbrellas if I picked the wrong items.


I think it would be quite flattering to have your skills so highly regarded that you would be asked to judge the show.  On the other hand, "Aunt Bea syndrome" is a definite risk in a small community.  However, if you will be commenting on the entries instead of merely selecting the winners it should be clear to all that you have used objective criteria to reach your decisions rather than just handing out the prizes to your friends.

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We'll see. I still haven't received a formal invitation to do this, so maybe I'll be spared.