6 other squares

Attachments weren't attaching, so the other 6 are combined in this image. The left blue square is a small basketweave pattern and the right blue one is a chevron pattern with knits and purls. I think the others are easy enough to see. Hopefully. The red and green squares that aren't cabled are slip stitch patterns.

Update: Just realized if you look under "Recent Posts" and look for images posted by me, the bigger images did post to the server, just not with my blog message. They are red_squares, bluesquares, green_squares...you get the point.


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wow these are amazing!!! I can't wait to see them in person.



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Dont' forget to include your note to Jason, I forgot mine ,but I was able to send it today. The squares look fantastic.

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Lovely squares!

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Great looking squares! The blanket is gong to look spectacular once it is all assembled. A great showing of all the love and caring this group has for our Jason.