Herbert Niebling patterns!

BuchVerlag fur die Frau
We are one of the few German publishers for Kunststricken and lace knitting literature.

Forthcoming reprints of beautiful and rare Herbert Niebling patterns!

Available at Lacis around 14thMay 2009:
Spitzenstrickerei 1 –historical patterns by Herbert Niebling
ISBN 978-3-89798-259-8
(28 patterns included, e.g. Herbert, Georgine, Zartella, Brandis,Henriette, Altona, Albert etc.)

Spitzenstrickerei 2 – patterns for blankets and curtains designedby Herbert Niebling
ISBN 978-3-89798-260-4

(28 patterns included, e.g. Steinburg, Adolfina,Gerhard, Lucy, Fingermuschel, Gloria etc.)

For information and the overview of books in print, see:

Special offer: Free download of the Nieblingpattern "Baro" from 'Spitzenstrickerei 2'. Please take a look on our website under "Tipp desMonats"!

(FYI – This link is easier for those who don't read German:)


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Thanks for posting this here Bill...I can not get enough of Herbert's lace designs.

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a friend just sent me the info...and I thought of you immediately!

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I know where a lot of my money will be going this month! can't wait