i love double knitting

Recently my first art exhibition opened and after months and months of busily working on that im now left with nothing to do until its time to take the paintings down.

So its back to knitting. i get a kick out of double knitting so i finished my first scarf of the year pretty quickly:


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Looks great! I've been thinking about trying a double-knitting project. A friend's having a baby soon, and it seems like a good reversible technique for a baby blanket. Any tips on dk for beginners?

And congrats on your art exhibition!

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my tip is to DO IT! its ridiculously easy since i can do it and it looks great.

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I wonder how it would work for circular knitting?

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I think the stitches in double knitting cross each other so that the 'tube' isn't open like it would be for circular knitting. Also with circular, unless you had multiple balls of the same color, you'd have to break the yarn at the end of each color section leaving lots of ends to weave in.

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Looks great. I'll need to try it. Where can we see your exhibition? Anything available online?

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there some of the stuff up here

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Very cool scarf, I love it.



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The scarf is beautiful.

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im quite pleased with it