Dreams of Madeira scarf

This scarf, a free Ravelry pattern, is knit in Glenora 2ply merino laceweight wool which I bought at last year's open day at the local Hand Weavers and Spinners Guild. Needle was 3.5mm Knitpicks circular, and the blocked size is 37cm x 146cm (14.5" x57.5"). The pattern alternates 42 rows of lace with 48 rows of stocking stitch so it grew quite quickly. Glenora also do mail order www.glenoraweaving.com.au/


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All three of your new projects are beautiful. I always admire your socks and the gloves are just great. I really like this scarf and it looks so soft. The pattern is lovely.

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Beautiful work, Kerry. Laceweight? Wow, I admire your patience. It seems that the southern winter has got your knitting juices flowing!

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"Knitting juices" , well it helps to be retired and have lots od knitting time :)

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A great looking handsome scarf. I think lace details make knitting fun and challenging. I like the color also. Enjoy wearing it.

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Thanks. The scarf is not for me but for a woman friend, although I do have enough wool left to knit one for myself :)

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This is a beautiful scarf, a great man-lace pattern. Your other projects are beautiful as well.



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"man-lace"- hmm, I think we have a paradigm shift here.

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Beautiful knitting, Kerry. I love the color. Is it a natural brown, or dyed? I imagine it actually knit up pretty fast as it looks like it was mainly stockinette stitch with lace work at the ends. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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"natural brown or dyed" I don't know the answer to that one Joe, but I suspect that it is dyed as it is more of a dark taupe colour. I do have some natural coloured lace wool, they call it silver grey but I think it is more like silver brown. It's lovely and soft and I'm looking forward to making a shawl with it, it's from Bilby Yarns www.bilbyyarns.com.au/ and they specialise in soft natural coloured wool yarn. They are the Melanian Sheep Breeders Society and sell direct from the factory.