I was telling a lady at work who is an avid crocheter about my woes of frogging my current project 4 (or is it 5 now) times.  She said that the term frogging came about because your "ripit ripit".  Thought that was cute but she also said that she thought kniiters used the term "TINKing" which is knit backwards! Most of you long time knitters probably already knew that but I had never heard it.


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They're actually two different things.  Frogging is when you take out the needles and just start ripping back.  Tinking is when you leave your knitting on the needles and remove one stitch at a time, sort of the reverse process of knitting, hence the name.

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I can't imagine why 'frogging' should be on your mind at the moment.  How's that sole working out for you?  

I find the 'ripit' story to be much nicer than what we really do and yell, " f&$# IT! f*%$ IT!

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Call me crass, but I tend to just use your version.

Mind you, I do get some nasty looks from the gals in the yarn shops.

Please remember: I have a collection of needles and a history of violence

Thanks for the clarification.  Didn't mean to put out bad info.  Either way, I do plenty of both.