Halfdome for Jason

Halfdome for Jason, originally uploaded by elemmaciltur.

Start: 9th May 2009
Finish: 10th May 2009
Needles: 3 mm / 80 cm and 3.5 mm / 80 cm Addi Turbos
Yarns: CC using Lanartus "Brando", colour 1468 "Grey", MC using Filatura di Crosa "Zara" colour 1466 "Red"
Patterns: "Halfdome" by Jesse Loesberg, aka Yarn Boy, in Knitty Summer 2006
For: Jason P.

So, since I won't be able to get around to getting the required yarn and knit the square and send it in in time for the deadline, I decided that I will knit something else for Jason and send it directly to him.

I've never knitted anything for someone with cancer before, so I don't know how sensitive they are. I thought that 100% merino should be fine....we'll see. As for the pattern, I thought that it shouldn't be a full hat because the weather is getting warmer, but should still offer some warmth and so Halfdome was the perfect choice.

Halfdome is a super fast knit. I like it, but I didn't like the fact that there's a seam (although to tell you the truth, you can't feel it...but for someone who hasn't got hair, you might be able to feel it).

I'm going to knit another one in the round instead and send it off to Jason along with this one.


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This is a wonderful thought!!!!!

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Beautiful act, beautiful hat.