LTKA Square 7

This is one of the most beautiful squares, I gues all the squares have their own beauty. Here you see the difference between garter stitch and 1 x 1 ribbing. Some stitches are purl r knit through the back loop. This is a square with two sides to show.

Here you see the side that I like best below. Even though I have to admit that both sides of this square are really beautifull. I like the way the Stitch delineates the rows and columns on this square. It is a beauty in this turquoise color! You can see how one style stretches while the other style constricts.

Square 7 BWLTKA Side B


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Gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous.Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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This square is definitely the tops! So much movement in the design, the blue suits it well.

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That is gorgeous!!

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A couple of questions. LTKA passes me by, so what is in reference to, and are you working your way through a book maybe? I am about due to do a sampler of some sort to force myself to learn more stitches and variations and I have been interested in your squares since they seem like a nice level of repetition to learn a stitch but not burn out on it.


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Hey John it is the Barbara G. Walker Learn To Knit Afghan Book, LTKA and I am making them in order of sequence in this KAL, I am using cotton, but it works wel with wool or any other material you choose. YOu will definitely learn a lot by making this afghan!

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I have been LOVING all of your posts for the afghan squares.

You've been doing such an awesome job. I think I most enjoy seeing all of the different fabrics that Walker compiled over the years in her treasuries...and actually seeing just another very tangible use of them.

Please keep 'em coming.

I can't wait to see the finished afghan.


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Moi aussi!

So far they have been very simple combinations of knit and purl - which makes it even more amazing how different the fabrics are.

Which just goes to show how amazing knitting is.
MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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This will be a most interesting Afgan when completed. I love the colour of this square and that is something as I am usually a brown person lol.

what a neat pattern!

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Hey Andy,

I was reading reviews of the LTKA book on Amazon and one of reviewers complained that the book was geared toward continental knitters. Do you find anything about it that would be a problem for English style knitters?

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I have to say that I find it very easy , I do knit continental, but I see no problems if knitting by throwing your yarn. Specially the mosaic knitting should be very easy for the other kind of knitting, English style or continental I personally do not see why will it be different. I really enjoy all the discussion these squares are bringing up.

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I've enjoyed seeing all your squares, but this one is my favorite. The color is great and the texture is amazing. I'm always amazed at how different patterns can create the illusion of curved stitches without any twists or cables actually knit into the pattern.