Last month I was over knitting with my glamorous friend Thor who invited me to watch Annie M. on Knitty Gritty showing her technique for dreadlocks. I immediately made him rewind it so I could view it again. Oh My Gosh I was obsessed! Let us just say I HAD TO make these dreads! I was already working on a hat that was to be felted so I changed its course to becoming more of a curly aubergine. Here are a couple pics of the fruit of my obsession... P.S. A special thank you to both Thor for enabling my creativity and his phenomenal husband Andrew for modeling with sublime aplomb!

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My Gawd,
That's wonderful. Shades of Medusa, and much more exciting than yet another felted hat.


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What a fun hat!! Are you going to felt it as well? We'd like to see it when you do that.

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Wow! How fun!

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I'm a shameless Knitty Gritty fan and I love that episode. I have it saved on the DVR and I've been dying to try the dreadlock hat. It's great to see it come out so well - way to go!!

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Looks like the attack of the killer eggplants.

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Very creative, you must have had a ball doing that!!!!

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That is so severely not right; I love it so much!!!


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How much fun is that!? I didn't even know there was a show called Knitty Gritty. It must be available on DirecTV no? I'll have to check.


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It's on the cable DIY Network. You can search the shows and see video clips at DIYNetwork.com

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That hat is just the bee's knees. Well done.