Queen Anne's Lace

ehh...I'm a complete moron when it comes to circular needles and knitting in the round, this is probably the reason why every hat/cap I've ever knitted looks like it was made by a toddler, now the QA doesn't actually look too difficult, but I'm not sure.... so here's a question for all you wonderfully talented people who are NOT moron's and did make the QA, 'Should I start this, or should I just throw in the towel, admit defeat, and ohh I don't know, give the yarn to the kid next door to make pompoms?'

Thanks a bunch!

Hugs and strawberry cupcakes!



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Well, I've started it twice, and thrown it in the corner out of frustration. BUT you are a much more gifted knitter than I, so I would suggest you just 'get on with it and stop procrastinating' LOL

When my patience returns I'll pull my attempt out of the corner and try again.

BTW I love strawberry cupcakes but I'm on a diet until after the Berlin Open Dance Comp in June... after that its Kaffee und Kuchen all day and night!


You cannot throw in the towel until you have at least started it, and if you start it what's wrong with being stubborn enough to get it right and finish it? I vote you start it today.

Hugs and strawberry cupcakes - what a combo!

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don't give up until about row 35. the first rows are frustrating and don't look like much, but if you can forgive that and suspend judgment for a while, the results are rewarding. i had never one anything like it before and was well pleased in the end

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for a variation that is a bit simpler as you start
you can just knit rows 5. 9. and 11 -plain.

Some people also work the first few rows flat and seam it up after switching to the round. If you so this then I suggest that you do the above plain knitting as well.

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Thanks...I'll of course try the original first, but if that doesn't work I will take your advice to hand, do you also recommend using double-pointed needles to start with or would it be easier to switch from smaller to bigger circulars?

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I find dpn's to start with are easier - but some people swear by two circs. Something that I do is cast on and work the first couple of rows on a smaller needle.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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I am doing this shawl and really loving it. Yes the first few rows are a strain but then it all falls into place......use double points till you have enough stitches for a circular needle...hugs and strawberry cupcakes sound absolutely wonderful so warm and sweet.

I've never even tried lace. Somehow I'm not even that interested in trying lace either. My wife is forever getting on my case when I'm frogging this or that. She never starts over. Just forges ahead and finishes, errors and all. My advice on your QA and lace, try, try again. My experience with frogging is every time I start over, I like the finished project more and more.

Of course, the kid next store could have a lot of fun with the yarn and the pom poms.


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I salute you with a resounding "RIPPIT!" on behalf of all of us in the Fraternity of Frenetic Froggers.

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QAL was my first and will prob always be my favorite lace project. Go for it.


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I prefer to knit with circulars, and am currently doing socks so am using dpns, not sure if I will ever go back to str8 needles... not if I can help it.
Lace I haven't tried. Let me get past the basics... like getting my first pair of socks done... I ripped my sock last night, I hate doing that... but unless I could find someone with a club foot... I'd missed a crucial instruction surprise, surprise. I didn't want to rip because the yarn is super bulky ... I have described my sock as looking like the leftover after an elephant's circumcision...
Anyway, tonight I am sooo tired after a long week... I am just going to settle down and do an evening of listening to Rossini :) and knitting.
Good luck with the lace.
Istanbul, Turkey


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Allow me to commisserate: This morning I frogged 24 inches of cabled sweater body that I began knitting on March 29th. Before beginning the sweater I knit a generous (so I thought) swatch for gauge. I therefore was not paying attention to the size, but knitting blithely along until last night, when I decided to measure the width. Somehow, my 49 inch circumference sweater had become a 40 inch. No amount of blocking could fix that. I am now the proud posessor of two large cakes of former sweater. Knitting is a socially acceptable form of insanity!

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I love lace, and Thor knits phenomenal lace. I think that if you want to do it, you'll find a way to make it happen. If your heart isn't in it, the worship the frog and find something that lets you soar.